Nothing heals people like other people

Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery)

Phoenix SOAR connects survivors and loved ones with others who have experienced similar trauma - whether through their own burn injury, or as the loved one of a burn survivor.

Upcoming Peer Supporter & Coordinator Courses for 2024

Peer Supporter: January 27th (Spanish), February 10th, February 24th, April 20th, June 15th, August 24th, October 12th, December 7th

Coordinator: February 8th, May 16th, August 15th, November 14th

Phoenix SOAR Peer Supporter training courses are now completely virtual! Peer Supporter trainings will be offered on a pre-scheduled basis, most months of the year. The curriculum includes 4 hours of pre-course modules and quizzes, along with a 4 hour live (virtual) course with National Instructors. This may be completed from participants’ homes (pending adequate bandwidth to use webcam and Zoom or WebEx). Manuals are also now updated, revised, and in digital format! To register or learn more, please contact us.

Please note – Prior to course participation, we require registration and full screening by the Phoenix SOAR Hospital Coordinator. We encourage registration as soon as possible to secure a slot in your desired course.

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Provide support when you’re needed most

"We bring someone hope. There’s no prescription for that.” - George Pessotti, burn survivor and peer supporter

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