Participate in Research

Why does research matter?

Research is crucial to improving physical, emotional, and social recovery after a burn injury. When you participate in research, you are helping us fill holes in our knowledge and making sure future burn survivors have access to the best possible care.

Our Community’s Role

When Phoenix Society partners on a research project, we strive to ensure that research becomes innovation, and innovation becomes impact. By participating in research, you’re helping us amplify the voice of the burn community to make sure every survivor has the benefit of our lived experience.

Current Projects

Partners: University of Miami

Goal: To learn more about long-term outcomes for burn survivors

The University of Miami needs your help! They are studying long-term outcomes for burn survivors and are asking you to complete a brief online survey. Taking a few minutes out of your day can help advance and improve burn injury outcomes.

Completed Studies

Join the Movement

Your voice is powerful. Help us lift the burn community even higher, all around the world.