Virtual Group Safety Agreement


Welcome! We are pleased that you will be participating in this program offered by the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors!

Informed Consent

This group is to serve as a source of hope fostered by peer support in a facilitated setting, it is not designed to replace one-on-one counseling with a trained professional. If you are in need of support, resources or looking to find a qualified counselor – please email us at

Roles & Expectations

Group leader(s) serve as a guide and support to participants, and not as therapists in this setting. The Phoenix Society expects participants to be respectful, engaged, and focused on the group or event they are participating in and eliminating distractions in their environment. The Phoenix Society expects participants to join support group not under the influence of alcohol or other substances. The Phoenix Society reserves the right to dismiss participants from the group if a participant is demonstrating destructive, disrespectful, or unsafe behavior.


It is essential for the emotional safety of our group that confidentiality be respected at all times.

  • It is not okay to share other people’s stories inside or outside the group, even if you do not share their names.

  • It is okay to share your feelings and ways that people’s stories touched you. You can share your own story and what you have learned about yourself in this group.

  • People will share what they want to share about their stories. Though you can share with someone how their story touched you, we do not need to ask follow-up questions.

  • Please be in a confidential space where no one else can see or hear your smartphone or computer.

  • In respect for everyone please do not be in a public space or where there is disruptive background noise.

  • Headphones offer the best sound experience and add to confidentiality.

*The following are prohibited: Picture taking of your screen, screen shots, recording of audio or video. The organization reserves the right to dismiss participant(s) from the group if any of these are discovered as well as other acts of privacy violations.

Please carefully review the following

Safety Agreement

I understand that trauma memories can be triggered. I commit that if I feel suicidal or in a crisis situation, I will seek help via:

  • Dialing 911

  • National Suicide Prevention Life-Line at 1-800-273-TALK

  • Text HOME to:

    • US and Canada: text 741741

    • UK: text 85258

    • Ireland: text 086 1800 280

  • Resources for my local country can be found here:

  • Other local hotline

  • Go to my local hospital

  • Contact a professional counselor, spiritual advisor, trusted friend – tell someone how you are feeling and if you need support

I understand and agree that Phoenix Society and its agents, volunteers, directors, and subcontractors are not liable in any way.

If you are in immediate need of support during the session, please contact the crisis lines listed above. If at any time you have any general questions or are in need of general support – please email:

By participating in virtual support, I verify that I have read and agree with the Virtual Group Safety Agreement.

Participation in these is limited to those that are age 18 and above. By participating in virtual support, I verify that I am 18 or older.