Pamela Caira

President, Burn Survivors of New England 

Pamela is a respected professional, leader, and advocate who continuously strives to make a positive impact. Her empathy-driven approach informs her work as an educator, mentor, and community activist. 

Her commitment to helping others led her to serve as a volunteer for Burn Survivors of New England in 2018, where she worked diligently to raise awareness and provide assistance beyond the burn survivor community. Recognizing her dedication and leadership skills, she was elected President of the organization in March 2023. In her role as President, Pamela will focus on creating and implementing community outreach programs and resources tailored to the unique needs of burn survivors, fostering connection, compassion, and education to support their recovery journeys. 

Beyond her involvement with Burn Survivors of New England, Pamela has owned and operated Step By Step Inc. in Waltham, MA since 1996, where she serves as the Artistic Director. Step By Step Inc., is a dance studio that uses movement and the arts to empower individuals, promote self-expression, and facilitate healing. Pamela continues to be actively engaged in teaching and mentoring her students and staff, nurturing their growth and passion for dance. Her commitment to philanthropy and her fundraising efforts have also contributed to supporting numerous causes that foster personal growth and transformation. 

In 2022, Pamela completed her postgraduate education, earning a Master's degree as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor with a specialization in Dance Movement Therapy. Her commitment to professional excellence is reflected in her registration as a dance movement therapist in the state of Massachusetts. 

With her multifaceted expertise and profound understanding of the healing power of dance and movement, Pamela continues to make significant contributions in supporting individuals' well-being, advocating for burn survivors, and fostering a sense of community and transformation through her work.