Mikki Rothbauer

Mikki Rothbauer is deeply passionate about working with burn and trauma survivors and feels privileged to be a part of each patient's healing process. She has been working with burn survivors for almost 20 years. Burn and trauma injuries affect the entire family, and she works closely with patients and their support system from the onset of injury as well as months and years after an injury. She emphasizes cognitive behavioral strategies to improve acute stress and PTSD symptoms. Her work has also focused on the areas of grief, loss, cosmetic differences, hidden burns/injuries, survivor's guilt, and survivors of work injuries. She enjoys working with patients of all ages and uses a collaborative, patient-driven approach to help individuals to get back to living their lives. Mikki facilitates burn support groups, coordinates a peer support program, and specializes in addressing body image and sexuality concerns during recovery. She feels it is a true privilege to be a part of her patients' and their loved ones' journeys through recovery after a traumatic injury. Mikki's published work includes research publications, articles, and chapters regarding trauma and burn recovery.