Characteristics of a Healing Relationship

Written by Megan Bronson RN, MSN, CS on November 02, 2019

Romantic Relationships
Family + Friends

Healing relationships focus on creating a space where balance and harmony exist so that the healing process will be supported. Healing relationships recognize that the emotional and spiritual well being of the people in the relationship are of paramount importance in the support of healing.

  • Respect for the feelings, opinions, and viewpoints of each other

  • Respect for differences and diversity

  • Communication is direct and honest

  • Conflict is dealt with in a timely and direct manner

  • Feedback is given in a clear manner that focuses on behaviors, (shaming, blaming, and other forms of verbal/emotional abuse and control are not tolerated)

  • Boundaries are set and enforced appropriately on inappropriate behavior

  • Responsibility and accountability are encouraged and fostered

  • A healthy level of commitment to the betterment of both parties is expected and fostered

  • Both people and their needs are of equal importance

  • Healing relationships operate from a position of trust

  • Joint problem solving is the norm. Both parties strive to find win-win solutions

  • Competition is avoided