Becoming Greater Than Before

Written by Amy Clark, Strategic Initiatives Director  on August 27, 2019

Optimal Burn Care

For almost forty years, burn survivors, their families, their first responders, and their healers have come together to create a powerful community. At the core of this community, Phoenix Society has become the leading national organization providing support for lifelong healing after a burn injury.

We know that we can do more.

The mythological phoenix is reborn from its own ashes. Much like our namesake, Phoenix Society is in a state of transformation and will rise greater than before.

Because of the impact and help, now I want to help others who are on this journey and let other burn survivors know there is life after a burn. There is still hope, no matter the condition.

Volunteer comment, iEval 2014

We See What Can Be

We see a future where the voice of the burn community unites across the globe to profoundly advance lifelong healing, optimal recovery, and burn prevention. We want to ensure that no one facing the life-changing effects of a burn injury is forced to journey through healing alone.

To achieve our vision, we are devoting resources to three areas of focus: innovative program expansion, strategic partnerships, and advocacy.

Our community is rallying behind these efforts and supporting Phoenix Society’s growth through an active fundraising campaign.

Over the past few years, we have involved our community and sought your input on what our transformation should look like.

What have you told us?

  • You need better access and visibility to our services, but when you find us, the support can be life-changing

  • You are eager to find ways to partner with us for a broader impact

  • You have identified areas where education is key to help you recover

  • There is a need to consistently and effectively prepare survivors for the transition from hospital to home

  • Data will provide opportunities to get more services to those who need them

My community doesn't have any advocacy — it could help raise awareness to give support.

Focus group participant, CRI 2015

Many survivors aren’t aware that this community is here for them when they need it most. Many suffer alone. More broadly, many communities are not aware of the impact of burn injury.

What are we doing about it?

  • Investing in communications and marketing so everyone knows what our community is all about, what we advocate for, and how to get connected.

  • Developing strategic partnerships that share our values of Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, and Respect, so we can expand our ability to serve more people.

  • Making it easy to get connected, stay connected, and reach a global community of survivors through new technologies.

  • Growing our team and deepening our capabilities to build a community for transformational healing.

What does this mean to you?

  • Easy ways to connect online and access education information, peer support, and other services for lifelong healing.

  • More opportunities to advocate for your needs.

  • Ways to spread the word so you too can be an ambassador for the cause and strengthen our collective voice around the world.

  • More ways to get involved as individuals, communities, organizations, and beyond to help connect others to Phoenix Society’s model programming.

What it will take to reach this vision?

You’ve told us that you’re ready to move forward and rally around our cause. We know that our community wants to prevent injury and make the path of healing accessible for everyone who suffers a burn injury.

To start, we’re ramping up infrastructure building in technology, human resources, program development, and systems to support our next steps. As we move through our transformation, we’ll lean into new approaches and test community-designed strategies to find the best way to expand.

As we move toward 2020, Phoenix Society will be an agile organization able to confidently perform in a changing environment. We will reach more people and make a greater impact as a community connector.

Ultimately, we will unite the voice of the burn community across the globe, and anyone who experiences a burn will know Phoenix Society is here to help them thrive again.

We have engaged you every step of the way, and we invite you to join us as we create the future of survivor support.

"Transformation isn't a future event, it's a present-day activity." (Jillian Michaels)


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