Harman Award

For Philanthropic Leadership

Award named for Janet Harman

This award is presented to an individual or family, corporation, foundation or civic/service organization with a proven record of exceptional generosity through direct financial support and/or volunteer effort. Awardees have demonstrated outstanding volunteer and charitable responsibility and generosity that encourages others to take philanthropic leadership roles within the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors so the Society can further its mission to support those impacted by burn trauma. The Board of Directors will annually nominate and select a recipient for the Harman Award. Nomination should include the following information with specific examples:


  • Evidence of direct gift support, description of impact of gift support
  • Evidence of recruitment, encouragement and motivation given to others to take leadership roles within the Society
  • Evidence of philanthropic support of innovative approaches to solving problems
  • Description of time, effort and financial commitment, and 
  • Description of fundraising goals achieved by his/her effort

The Board of Directors will consider the above information in judging candidates. The Award Recipient will be recognized at Phoenix World Burn Congress and in Burn Support Magazine.