Why We Made a Legacy Gift

Written by Rick Halpert, JD on May 27, 2021

Having worked closely with Phoenix Society for more than 30 years, I have seen people regain their lives, build their self-esteem, and grow even farther. 

But could we afford to make a significant gift?  What if we lived longer than we expect?  Will we need the money for a nursing home? Medical care? The expenses of daily living? 

For us, the answer was a legacy gift in our wills.  We could continue to own our assets until our deaths.  At that time, we could leave some money to our kids and make the significant gift we had always wanted to make. Our lawyer knew how to make it happen.

But why a SIGNIFICANT gift?  Why Phoenix Society? 

I have worked with burn survivors and their families for over 40 years, so I know there is no injury worse than a major burn. 

The pain is unimaginable and the treatment necessary for survival even more so. Some patients leave the burn unit with scars that cause people to stare.  Some people withdraw.  Some resist any interaction.  The emotional impact is devastating.  

But many—if not most—burn survivors go on to lead reasonable happy lives.  But you have to see it to believe it can happen for you!  Phoenix Society provides that opportunity through the Phoenix World Burn Congress and various outreach programs.

But these programs cost a LOT of money!  The miracles happen because donors care deeply and make it possible with their contributions.

A legacy gift allows a person of even modest means to make a huge difference and play a big role in creating these miracles.

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