The Gift of Giving

Written by Jessica Wilfore, MS-Ed, CCLS on August 06, 2020

Becoming a donor was never a question.

Jeff Gallinat, burn survivor + Phoenix board member

Since 1977, Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors has empowered and supported anyone impacted by a burn injury.

Without the generosity of partners like Jeff Gallinat, our work would not be possible. Jeff and his wife, Julie, amplified their impact by including Phoenix Society as a beneficiary in their estate plans.

They are motivated by a desire to ensure every survivor and loved one has access to resources and support, such as Phoenix Society’s Resource Center and the programs we offer online and in-person.

"From being involved with Phoenix Society, I knew it takes resources to allow talented people to operate and provide support for our community. Making a planned gift demonstrates a long-term commitment that allows the organization to build sustainability for the future while advancing support for today.

I hope people understand it’s great to give whatever you can whenever you can. Planning for it is a real statement, another level of commitment. Even if you don’t have significant means, a planned gift is easy and will really help the organization plan its future programs.

It’s all for the survivors. Providing support in recovery for survivors, regardless of the activity, and knowing it made a difference to the survivor and their family – that's what’s important."

With their planned gift, Jeff and Julie become members of Phoenix Society’s Breslau Society.

The Breslau Society, named in honor of our founder Alan Breslau, includes people of all ages, backgrounds, and various levels of financial commitment.

To learn more about planned giving or join Jeff and Julie as a member of the Breslau Society, fill out the form below.