Journey Forward

The transition from hospital to home is a critical milestone for survivors. To ease the transition, Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors is piloting a Journey Forward kit in six hospitals across the country. The Journey Forward Pilot Program made kits available for newly injured burn survivors and their loved ones.

Journey Map

In 2021, we conducted extensive research with one of the top customer experience and consulting firms to better understand the burn survivor journey from injury and acute care through long-term recovery and life after a burn.

Fundamental Objectives
  • Document what’s most important to burn survivors along their healing journey.

  • Identify significant pain points and needs across the journey.

  • Determine areas of opportunity along the journey for Phoenix Society to engage and serve.

Research by the Numbers
  • 306 Surveys Completed

  • 17 In-Depth Interviews

  • 594 Ideas Generated

Key Takeaways
  • A critical milestone for survivors is during the transition from hospital to home. While the majority of those interviewed continued to have support once they went home, 66% still didn’t know what to expect about their recovery and what that journey would include. Additionally, 73% of survivors were unsure how to find and access the information they needed.

  • Over half of caregivers and family members interviewed did not have anyone to relate to, and only 34% were made aware of Phoenix Society while their loved one was in the hospital.

Journey Forward Project

As a result of our research, we are launching the Journey Forward Project, the centerpiece of which is the Journey Forward Kit! This first-of-its-kind kit will provide tangible connections to resources and community through technology, burn aftercare products, and more during the critical stage of transitioning home.

Why the Journey Forward Kit is important

  • Helps survivors understand next steps and expectations as they navigate this new journey

  • Connects survivors and loved ones to Phoenix Society and local resources so that they do not feel alone

  • Provides everyone impacted by a burn injury with a supportive community and lifelines

  • Offers tangible products needed at a critical milestone

Phoenix Society really changed my perspective. It gave me hope that my life wasn’t over. That I could still MOVE FORWARD.”

What's Inside the Journey Forward Kit

  • Special Edition Journey Magazine - written by survivors and loved ones who share the information, advice, and tools that helped them through their journeys.

  • Journey Map - helps survivors know what's coming next and understand the road ahead.

  • Phoenix Society goodies - survivors choose from two box options below!

  • Aftercare Supplies - sample an array of lotions and care products.

  • DermaTherapy pillowcase and flat sheet - DermaTherapy is the only FDA-cleared, patented, silk-like, low friction therapeutic linen that supports the healing environment for skin and is clinically proven to be highly effective in supporting burn recovery.

The Journey Forward kit is intended for adult use only.


  • Travel Tumbler

  • Hot/Cold Pack


  • Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand

  • 6-in-1 Multi-Opener

Participating Hospitals

  • Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA)

  • Orlando Regional Medical Center (Orlando, FL)

  • Regions Hospital Burn Center (St. Paul, MN)

  • Spectrum Health Hospital (Grand Rapids, MI)

  • UC Irvine Regional Burn Center (Orange, CA)

  • University Medical Center New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)

  • University Medical Center of Southern Nevada (Las Vegas, NV)

Journey Magazine

Explore articles from the special edition magazine inside the kit!

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