Phoenix World Burn Congress

The Premiere Gathering of the Burn Community

Phoenix World Burn Congress is an annual, international conference that brings together 900 burn survivors, their families, caregivers, burn care professionals, and firefighters.

Phoenix World Burn Congress

This renowned event is a reflection of our community in action. People come together to offer support, increase their knowledge of burn recovery, and share inspiring stories. For many burn survivors, it is their first opportunity to connect with others on the journey of burn recovery.

Phoenix World Burn Congress is also a valued learning experience for burn care professionals. Through workshops, speakers, and peer-to-peer dialogue, professionals come to better understand the issues that impact the lives of burn survivors. Many participating firefighters have discussed the closure it brings them as they witness burn survivors and their families living meaningful lives.

Anyone who has been touched by a burn injury is welcome to join us - and we hope you will on October 21 through 24, 2015 in Indianapolis, IN.

What to Expect at Phoenix World Burn Congress

  • Attendee group enjoys Phoenix World Burn CongressA supportive and safe community for healing, with workshops and conversations that strengthen emotional and physical healing
  • Opportunities to network with survivors, families, healthcare professionals, and foundations
  • A forum to hear real issues that impact the lives of survivors and candidly address the challenges of healing… wherever you are in that process
  • Learning experiences and engagement for everyone in the family
  • A greater sense of belonging, with new friends who understand the experience of a burn injury
  • A deeper sense of purpose, through the collective voice created by the event and the important awareness of burn trauma that is lifted up

Shared Testimonials From Phoenix World Burn Congress

"My family just grew.....This fellowship of burn survivors and their families is a source of inspiration greater than I have ever been able to imagine. To know that I am really not alone and that there are people who care, makes a difference. Just wish I had this way earlier. It’s never too late!" –  Burn Survivor


"My daughter...has had such a wonderful time meeting new friends, not only her age, but of all ages. The (Phoenix Society's) World Burn Congress has literally given her new hope -- a refreshed lease on life! Thank you for this opportunity and for this life-changing experience." – Family of a Burn Survivor