UBelong Youth and Teen

Calling all 7-17 year old burn survivors, siblings, and children of survivors!  We invite you to join the Phoenix UBelong family by participating in our ninth annual youth and teen program.  This purposefully structured, three day program runs simultaneously to the general Phoenix World Burn Congress and offers a supportive atmosphere for self-expression, skill-building, peer support and pure fun.


Please Note: Registration for the Phoenix UBelong program is now closed. The program has a limited capacity, and was filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Phoenix Society strives to provide a quality, safe, and meaningful experience for the Phoenix UBelong Youth and Teen participants. This requires that we limit the number of participants accepted into the groups and the program. To add your child to the wait list, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).



Our program theme this year is “Better Together.  We know that community is greater than isolation.  Our focus this year will be on connection with peers, team building, friendship and inner strength. The program is divided into two separate tracks this year: the youth track (ages 7-12) and the teen track (ages 13-17). 

  • Youth Track Highlights:
    • Drumming – All youth groups will join in on creating rhythms together. This energetic form of music therapy can reduce tension while promoting creativity and healing!
    • Boomwhackers – Participants can have fun working together to explore the notes and harmonies they can make with these colorful, musical tubes, self-expression.
    • A special large group session on bullying to help participants learn and practice the skills it takes to recognize and stand up to bullies.
  • Teen Track Highlights:
    • Offsite outing to Tree Top Adventure Park https://treetopadventuregrandrapids.com/  – This exciting experience will help our teen groups build collaboration, support, resilience, and leadership skills through a series of fun and challenging obstacles.
    • A second offsite outing this year to Brush Studio: https://www.brushgr.com/  – Teens will “brush” up on their painting skills while exploring creative self-expression in this healing and relaxing painting class.  
    • All teen groups will experience a peer mentor visit from young adults. This is a favorite amongst our teens! (Our young adult peer mentors will also accompany our 16 and 17-year-old teen group participants to open mic).
    • Teens groups will attend the general conference keynote session with their small groups on Saturday. 

All age groups will also enjoy small group time with other participants their age for fun activities and learning new skills to help in their healing.

Requirements for the Phoenix UBelong Youth and Teen Program:

  • To be eligible to attend, children must be between the ages of 7-17 at the beginning of the Fall 2018 school year, and must have either personally experienced a burn injury, or have been affected by a burn injury of a member of their immediate family.
  • Parents or guardians are required to be registered for Phoenix World Burn Congress and to sign their child in and out of the Phoenix UBelong program each day using a photo ID.  UBelong Youth and Teen runs from morning until afternoon; parents will be given designated pick up and drop off times specific to each day of the program.
  • To allow for the best experience, we ask that you commit your child’s participation each day and for the full program length.  Age-appropriate lunch and snacks are provided to participants daily.

To get the most out of these experiences participants must:

  • Be able to withstand 5-7 hours of programming that involve some periods of physical activity
  • Be able to adjust to new people, new places, and new things
  • Have the ability to separate from parents for several hours
  • Be able to follow directions from program staff
  • Be able to cooperate with other participants in his or her age group


Register each child individually on the Phoenix WBC registration form.  Make sure to indicate that your child will be attending the Phoenix UBelong 7-17 year old program – regular registration fees apply.  Space is limited, please register in advance. Click here to register.

A Phoenix Society representative will personally contact you to confirm your child’s registration to the program and help you and your family prepare for the event.


UBelong Youth and Teen Planning Committee:

  • Christen Bradbury
  • Simon Bradbury
  • Cheryl Dahling
  • Heather Domenick
  • Lisa Donovan
  • Linda Garcia
  • Donna McCartney
  • Tessa Mendel
  • Rebecca Parmenter
  • Nicole Perry
  • Angela Seitz
  • Jeremy Smith