2018 PWBC Speakers

Creating the Ultimate You

E.Marie Hall & Quentin McCain

“Creating the Ultimate You” starts with understanding our life experiences and sets a course for transformation. It addresses obstacles head-on and reveals the effects of repression. Participants will not only be able to identify their coping mechanisms but find new strategies for replacement.

The audience will gain insight into:

  1. Why we do what we do
  2. The importance of acknowledging adverse events/obstacles
  3. How to change perceptions
  4. The art of effective communication (with ourselves and others
  5. Tools and programming technique for eliminating negative thoughts and dealing with current life situations


Marie understands what it is like to struggle through life. Born to a father who abandoned her and 24 siblings, she dealt with deep feelings of abandonment throughout her childhood in spite of being adopted by her aunt and uncle at the age of two. Marie experienced further trauma at the age of 12, when she lost her birth mother to domestic violence. Fourteen years later, she would lose her sister to the same tragedy. For years, she would carry the weight of these tragedies and the crushing belief that she too might one day be a victim of domestic violence.

Marie spent several years as a member of the Speakers’ Bureau for the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence. She is an author, Transformational Coach, and dynamic presenter. Today, Marie uses her personal struggles and training to show audiences and individuals how to overcome traumatic events and find their power. Marie utilizes a proven system that allows us to identify the pain, connect with it, acknowledge it, and release it. Working with those that have experienced childhood incidents and traumatic events is her passion.


Quentin McCain works with individuals and organizations that want to maximize performance by breaking through mental barriers to success. Success begins in the mind and often stops there as well. Quentin McCain is a Maximum Performance Coach who knows that ultimate success cannot happen until we wake up and take the wheel of life. Quentin is the coauthor of “Think On These Things”, an Amazon #1 Best Seller and knows what it takes to unlock innovation and build outrageous confidence. He utilizes his personal experiences and the proven principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming taught by business masters such as Tony Robbins. Quentin shows his audience how to reprogram their thinking and self-talk to re-engage the mission, renew passion for their work, and reinvigorate innovation to achieve greater success. Quentin is also passionate about using these NLP principles with burn and trauma related staff and survivors.


Fear of Failure Conquered a Secret Force Inside All of Us, Resilience!

Samoana Matagi

Samoana Matagi was training to work on power lines when he suffered a tragic electrocution burn accident, causing his hands to be amputated. These were the same hands that he felt his identity revolved around. The same hands that facilitated him in work, recreation, travel and play.

Throughout the hospital stay, he remained optimistic but the reality of the situation soon hit him. Depression set in. He slept throughout many of those first days. Sleep seemed to be the only remedy to avoid the sorrow.

A couple of breakthrough events, where courage to face the unknown – won! The success brought more courage and incentivized his resilience that laid dormant to come out and shine.

Samoana will talk about his keys to conquering his fear of failure by changing his perspective of failure to simply another step in the process of success. Listeners will hear about how he regained his identity despite failure and through resilience. He will share how he successfully returned to work, recreation, travel and play.

Things that would seem impossible without hands, became possible. Basketball and many other hobbies were remastered. The will to keep getting up but never giving up, time and time again, became habitual. This resilience lead Samoana down a new path with more meaning and new experiences that he could ever imagine - including wakeboarding, fly-fishing, snowboarding at a Paralympic level, speaking to thousands of people, impacting lives of burn survivors as a volunteer, and more.

Listeners from all perspectives will come away understanding tools to turn fear of failure- that may be holding you back-- into a realization that failure is only part of the process. They will hear about how to tap into this resilience that lies in each and every one of us. They will understand that failure is only a sign that success is just ahead.


Samoana Matagi was born in Salt Lake City, UT. He graduated from Utah State University in 2004 with a Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism. After graduating, he worked for a few years for local television stations. In 2007 he changed his career path and went into powerline construction and maintenance. His brother, Fatu, was burned in an electrical accident in 2008, while working on powerlines. As a result, Fatu lost his right arm at the shoulder. Despite his brother's accident, Samoana chose to remain in that career path. After losing his hands, he obtained an honorary lineman certificate. Currently, Samoana works with youth at an elementary school in Utah.


It Takes a Village (The Journey from Victim to Survivor)

Dennis J. Gardin

Everyone has a dream...a mission...a purpose. Though we can sometimes hide from ourselves, we can never lose connection to our life’s purpose, it is always with us, beckoning to be uncovered and fulfilled.

How do we hold on to our hopes & dreams when blindsided by unexpected life events? When choosing to move beyond burn victim-to-burn survivor, one must be prepared for resistance, as past fears, doubts and insecurities surface. Do we allow these self-limiting beliefs to immobilize us, or do we recognize the power we own to design the life we desire?

It really does take a village of “people helping people” to get refocused on the possibilities of a fulfilling life after the burn. The connectedness within the burn community is greater than isolation; and there are so many amazing organizations like the Phoenix Society, which supports the belief that HOPE is greater than despair.

As we celebrate coming together at PWBC, let us also contemplate the next steps in our journey towards greatness; it’s important to understand that real strength is seeking support when needed and true courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to face seemingly insurmountable odds in successfully navigating through the storms of life.


Dennis J. Gardin received burn injuries over 70% of his body in a horrific gasoline explosion as a child; an incident from which he draws upon the many struggles experienced growing up with a physical difference, to illustrate the limitless potential we each possess to tap into our "God given Gifts and Talents" to navigate successfully through the storms of life.

Dennis has grown from the challenging life-lessons along his journey of self-discovery to become an international speaker, businessman, ministrant, former television talk show host & radio personality, corporate trainer, facilitator, consultant and nonprofit administrator. Through his inspirational messages, Dennis hopes to motivate people to connect into their untapped potential and understand that "the unlimited possibilities for life are in direct relation to unlimited thinking..."