Phoenix WBC Tracks

Customize your Phoenix World Burn Congress experience to best meet your needs and goals!  New this year, you'll see specified "tracks" that tell participants what type of experiences and information they can expect. From Education & Support to Wellness to Social tracks, attendees can pick and choose a combination of experiences that will help them get the most out of #PWBC.

Education and Support Track

PWBC will have programs offered to empower survivors, family members, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to take the next steps in healing….and the support to use that information. This track includes our general sessions, open mic, breakout sessions, support groups and beyond. Look for sub-tracks with content focused on advocacyfire service, and families.


Wellness, transformation, and physical healing is a process.  Caring for yourself is a uniquely individual experience to everyone that takes time and practice.  Wellness incorporates many skills including improved focus, mindful awareness, and movement. Join experts across many fields of wellness to support your Body, Mind, and Spirit.  In the PWBC Wellness Center you will find restoration, tools, resources, and inspiration that can support you along your healing journey to use when you return home.  Come join us throughout the conference to learn new skills, experience complimentary healing methods, take home new tools, and immerse yourself in the transformative power of restorative self-care. 

Social Track

Enhance your PWBC experience through your connections with others. Meetups will be there to find new friends or to join informal small group opportunities to head out for a meal or explore Grand Rapids. PWBC Connections Team is here to help first time attendees and anyone looking to connect—with new friends, with the resources at Phoenix WBC, and beyond. We’ll be chatting in the Registration line, have open/welcoming tables all the morning sessions, and be connecting small groups throughout the week! Experience Grand Rapids has also put together specially packaged experiences to guide you through the hometown of the Phoenix Society. Join in on the fun!