Never Alone Campaign

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We imagine a future where no one is forced to recover from a burn injury alone. To acheive that vision, Phoenix Society launched the Never Alone Capacity Campaign. Our goal is $6 Million, but we can't reach it alone. Together, we can ensure everyone impacted by a burn injury will have access to our community of transformational healing. Are you in?

Never Alone Campaign

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About the Campaign

As we looked toward the future, we asked our community for your priorities. Here’s what you told us:

  • There is a need to consistently prepare survivors for the transition from hospital to home.
  • You need better access and visibility to our services, but when you find us, the support can be life changing.
  • You are eager to find ways to partner with us for a broader impact.

Driven by these priorities, we kicked off the Never Alone Campaign. Our goal is ambitious: $6 Million by the end of March 2017. Today, we’re in the final phase of the campaign. Here are some initiatives the capacity campaign is already supporting:

  • The development of tools like the LIBRE Profile, a self-advocacy tool that evaluates your social recovery after a burn injury.
  • Innovative programming like developing a new platform and content for Phoenix Online Learning, which will bring our resources right to your living room.
  • Investing in telling our story with new communications tools and campaigns, building awareness of our community and resources.

What is a capacity campaign, anyway?

Funds from the Never Alone Campaign aren’t used to support our current programs. Instead, they’ll help us build an infastructure that will ensure Phoenix Society has a greater impact and is here long into the future.

Don’t forget the Match!

At Phoenix World Burn Congress 2017, a few donors came together to offer a match pool of $165,000. All gifts to the Never Alone Campaign up to $10,000 will be matched dollar-for-dollar until the pool runs out.