Common Questions Children Ask About Burns

This page lists some common questions children ask about their burns and corresponding answers.

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Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue is a form of burnout that manifests itself as physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion. Too much caring and not enough self caring.

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Coping with Real, Remembered and Imagined Stress II: Exposure Methods

Recovery from a burn injury includes not only healing wounds and regaining physical function, but also reestablishing psychological wellbeing. After their injuries, burn survivors are often confronted with a host of new stressors.

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Coping with Real, Remembered and Imagined Stress III: Cognitive Methods

In this third part of their series, the authors explore how our thoughts influence our feelings. It is easy to see that how we think about events can often intensify and prolong our feelings about them.

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Coping with Real, Remembered and Imagined Stress: Focusing Methods

For those who have experienced a burn injury, feelings of stress may occur when thinking about circumstances surrounding the injury, when tackling the rehabilitation process, or even when thinking about returning to your normal daily routine. This is the first of a series of articles discussing psychological approaches to managing stress.

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Cyber Bullying: What is it? And What Can You Do?

Cyber bullying is a more recent form of bullying that is on the rise. As the channels of communication such as social media, web, and texting have multiplied, so have the number of ways bully’s can reach their victims. This article delves into what it is, how to identify it, and how to protect yourself from it.

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Developing a Positive Body Image - A Guide for Teens and Young Adults

Does how you look define who you are? Does how you feel affect how you look? If a burn injury and survivorship has an impact on your body image, how can that impact be positive?

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Developmental Considerations

Children have varying capacities, both emotionally and intellectually, to comprehend, understand, and integrate the concepts of loss in general as well as with death and its physical finality. The following are meant to be used as a guideline and need to take into consideration the individual nature and also individual life experience of the child.

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Different Forms of Healing: Therapy, Coaching + Peer Support (Part 1)

Choosing between therapy, coaching or peer support is a choice only you can make. They are all effective methods for that growth. Each and every one of us as individuals can benefit from reaching out when we need guidance or help with healing on our journey in life.

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Don’t Forget the Siblings

When a child suffers a burn injury, the world stops existing as it did. Parents must put their “everyday lives” on hold and attend to much more important events. All of the parental attention must shift and focus on the injured child, their care, rehabilitation, comfort, and development.

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Eating Healthy After a Burn Injury

When healing from a burn injury, maintaining proper nutrition is crucial because a well-balanced diet can reduce the loss of lean body mass, stored energy, and protein.

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El empleo después de una lesión por quemadura

Employment After Burn Injury: El regreso al trabajo después de una quemadura puede ser una importante fase de la recuperación que le ayudará a retomar la rutina. El trabajo no sólo aporta ingresos y otros beneficios como el seguro de salud, sino que también puede darle un sentido a la vida y confianza, lo que es esencial para mantener una mejor calidad de vida.

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Employment after Burn Injury

Returning to work after a burn injury can be an important phase of recovery that helps you return to a routine. Work not only provides you with an income and other benets such as health insurance, but can also give you a sense of purpose and confidence that is critical in maintaining a higher quality of life. Returning to work is often accompanied by a confusing range of emotions, such as feeling both excitement and anxiety.

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Fred Luskin Discusses the Power of Forgiveness, Shares Forgiving Practices

Forgiveness is the ultimate resolution of unwanted loss and grief. The power of forgiveness was the theme of a talk by Fred Luskin, PhD, in a powerful session at the Phoenix Society’s 2013 World Burn Congress. A leading teacher and researcher on the topic of forgiveness, Fred explains that research and clinical examples clearly demonstrate that those who can forgive fare better both physically and emotionally than those who don’t. Fred shares his "9 Steps to Forgiveness" which can be found in his best-selling book, 'Forgive for Good: A Proven Prescription for Health and Happiness.'

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Gaining and Maintaining a Healthy Body Image

This article includes tips for maintaining a healthy body image, as well as personal stories about three burn survivors who have struggled with body image.

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