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Becoming a Young Adult: Directions, Choices, and Connections, Life Transitions, Part 2

Becoming a young adult can at times be difficult. Moving along life's path brings transitions, both planned and unplanned, and it also brings choices of how to navigate those transitions. It's all about choosing your path and who you want to be. Are you ready for young adulthood?

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Developing a Positive Body Image - A Guide for Teens and Young Adults

Does how you look define who you are? Does how you feel affect how you look? If a burn injury and survivorship has an impact on your body image, how can that impact be positive?

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Evelin Fatima Duran: Continuing the Journey

At 17 years old, Evelin Fatima Duran is caring, well spoken, and brave. She dreams of making a difference in the world and using her life experience to help others. Wise beyond her years, Evelin does indeed have a story to tell—one of surviving a burn injury and subsequent amputation of her right arm; one of recovery, rehabilitation, and acceptance; one of striving to continue her journey in a way that helps others. She navigated her return to her education and her plans for the future despite those who believed she couldn't do it.

Teens Parent And Child Returning to School Survivor Stories Phoenix UBelong Phoenix World Burn Congress
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Evelin Fátima Durán: Siguiendo El Camino

Con sólo 17 años, Evelin Fátima Durán es cariñosa, bien hablada y valiente. Sueña con hacer una diferencia en el mundo y usar su experiencia para ayudar a los demás. Más sabia que otras de su edad, desde luego Evelin tiene una historia para contar—- una de superviviencia de una quemadura y la amputación de su brazo derecho: una de recuperación, rehabilitación, y aceptación; una de tratar de seguir su camino de una manera que ayuda a los demás.

Teens Getting Back to Life Family Stories Amputatio Burn Injuries and Amputation burns and amputations Survivor Stories Jess Irven
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