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A Man of Quiet Dignity

Tony Gonzalez, burned over 95% of his body, shares his journey of recovery on a road full of set-backs.

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A Newlywed Couple Faces the Challenge of a Lifetime

Firefighter Mitch Dryer suffered severe burn injuries when pinned under burning debris from a ceiling collapse. He and his wife, Aimee, tell the story of their journey of burn recovery - together.

Firefighter Burn Survivor Family Stories Burn-injured firefighter Phoenix WBC Phoenix World Burn Congress Phoenix SOAR Getting back to living Emotional Healing Survivor Stories
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Brien Dews: A Positive Outlook Pays Off

After suffering burn injuries in a plane crash and wanting to give back to the burn community, Brien Dews became a peer supporter and organized Buses by the Beach; an event that raises thousands each year for the Phoenix Society.

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Different Forms of Healing: Therapy, Coaching + Peer Support (Part 1)

Choosing between therapy, coaching or peer support is a choice only you can make. They are all effective methods for that growth. Each and every one of us as individuals can benefit from reaching out when we need guidance or help with healing on our journey in life.

Getting Back to Life Wellness Resources Phoenix WBC Grief and Trauma Peer Support
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Everything Takes Time

In 2015, Rita was one of nearly 500 people injured in an explosion at Formosa Fun Coast Park in Taipei, Taiwan. The 21-year-old burn survivor attends North Carolina State University, where she studies applied math. Rita hopes to pursue a career in healthcare and engage with the burn community. In this interview, she shares her experience as a Taiwanese burn survivor living in the United States.

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Firefighters and Their Families; Making Connections at WBC

Phoenix WBC offers sessions to connect and share experiences among attendees. These sessions include support for burn-injured members of the fire service and their families.

For Firefighters Families and Friends World Burn Peer Support WBC Phoenix World Burn Congress Phoenix WBC World Burn Congress
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Joe Kinan: A Recovery Defined by a Desire for Independence

Joe Kinan, burned in the Rhode Island Station Nightclub Fire, had a lot to adjust to after his burn injury. This article shares his story of struggling for independence and moving past his injury.

Getting Back to Life Personal Stories Men's Stories Phoenix World Burn Congress Phoenix WBC
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John O’Leary: Choosing to Become a Beacon of Hope

John O'Leary is a renowned motivational speaker—and burn survivor. John suffered a devastating burn injury at the age of 9 and shares the critical lessons he learned. Read his inspiring words and be prepared to regain your life and create your own possibility...

Men's Stories Childhood burn injury Dealing with scars John O'Leary Phoenix World Burn Congress Phoenix WBC Getting back to living Survivor Stories
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Mark Nepo: Finding Inner Courage: The Journey of Transformation Private

NY Times #1 best-selling author Mark Nepo is a poet, philosopher and cancer survivor who first spoke for Phoenix World Burn Congress 2006 attendees in Sacramento, CA and returned again to speak at Phoenix World Burn Congress 2014. This year he inspired attendees with a thought-provoking message about the journey we all face in finding inner courage. The original notion of the word courage means to stand by one’s core. Mark explored how we can find our way to our core, stand by our core, and sustain the practice of living from our core—to live out of our courage. To encourage means to impart strength and confidence, to inspire and hearten.

Phoenix World Burn Congress Podcast Phoenix WBC Wellness
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Moving Beyond Guilt

When accidents happen, we often end up blaming ourselves. A group of burn survivors discussed this topic in a breakout session at Phoenix WBC [2012]. Excerpts of that session are included here with permission from 2 burn survivors, Frank McGonagle and Ed Kavcak, who graciously agreed to share their stories.

Grief and Trauma Phoenix WBC WBC Phoenix World Burn Congress Wellness Kathy Edwards Guilt
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Right Where We Want to Be

Are you a burn professional? Do you love what you do? There are many health professionals who stumble into the world of burns, but those of us who choose to stay year after year have found that it is our passion. There is a sense that this is where we were meant to be.

Professionals Resources Health Burn Professionals Burn Professional Health Professional Health Professionals Therapists Burn Therapists Patient Patients Burn Unit World Burn WBC Phoenix World Burn Congress Phoenix WBC Rebekah Reishus Allely
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Robert David Hall: To Inspire With My Journey Private

Robert David Hall, actor, who has played the role of ‘Dr. Albert Robbins’ on the Emmy-nominated CBS TV show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, spoke both humorously and pointedly to the Phoenix World Burn Congress 2014 attendees during Saturday's general session in Anaheim, CA. You may not think that burn nurses, a one legged world champion square dancer, and an Angels baseball game have a lot in common-unless you heard 'David Hall' (Robert David Hall) speak. While sharing the story of his life, David touched on the horrific car accident that left him with severe burns on his legs which required double leg amputations, but that wasn’t the focus of his talk. The theme of David’s talk was expressing gratitude and focusing on the various-and sometimes unlikely, people and things that helped him in his burn recovery.

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The Power of Hope

Samuel Moore-Sobel shares his experience attending Phoenix World Burn Congress for the very first time.

Getting Back to Life Wellness Peer Support Phoenix WBC Survivor Stories Men's Stories Burn Support Magazine
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Young Adults:  Relating and Relationships

Connections to one another are a key element of support, security, and moving forward in life. However, burn injury at any point in life can impact or interrupt a burn survivor’s interactions with others. Read about the discussion from the Young Adult panelists on the topic of 'Relating and Relationships' at Phoenix World Burn Congress 2014.

Young Adults Phoenix World Burn Congress Phoenix WBC Wellness Relationships
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