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Joe Kinan: A Recovery Defined by a Desire for Independence

Joe Kinan, burned in the Rhode Island Station Nightclub Fire, had a lot to adjust to after his burn injury. This article shares his story of struggling for independence and moving past his injury.

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Kyle Maynard ‘No Excuses’ Private

Phoenix World Burn Congress 2012 keynote speaker, Kyle Maynard’s No Excuses presentation is teaching audiences around the world that there are no worthy excuses. No matter how challenging your difficulties may seem, everyone has the ability to overcome; Kyle will show you how. Maynard was born with a condition known as congenital amputation that has left him with arms that end at the elbows and legs that end near his knees. Crowds are spellbound as Kyle chronicles his life experiences and relates his emotions to each individual group. Maynard’s accomplishments as an athlete speak for themselves, but he believes it’s a part of his mission to show others they’re capable of achieving greatness in their lives as well.

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Milestones and Life Events: The Cycle of Healing (Part I)

In this article, James Bosch reflects on his experience as an adult burned as an infant as he experienced life's milestones.

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Milestones and Life Events: The Cycle of Healing (Part II)

In this installment of the Milestones and Life Events series, Dustin Wise and Kimberly Calman share their stories about being burn-injured as teenagers.

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Milestones and Life Events: The Cycle of Healing (Part III)

As the final installment of the Milestones and Life Events series, James January shares his story of healing.

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More Than Meets the Eye: Learning to Live with Hidden Burns

Elaina Meier and David Vogel share the unique set of challenges that impact their experience as burn survivors with hidden burns.

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My Experience With Laser Treatments on Burn and Graft Scars

Can laser treatments help minimize the appearance of scars? Kris Flaten describes her personal experience with laser treatments on burn and graft scars.

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Nate McCoy: Determination to Win Pays Off

Nate McCoy found healing through Phoenix Society's World Burn Congress, and found a way to "give back" to the burn community.

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One Burn Survivor to Another: An Interview with Kechi Okwuchi

When Kechi Okwuchi amazed the judges in the America’s Got Talent auditions, burn survivors all over the world swelled with pride. As she advanced all the way to the finals, Kechi demonstrated again and again that she is proud of who she is: a survivor. When Kechi surprised the attendees of Phoenix World Burn Congress, we had the chance for an exclusive interview with the America’s Got Talent star.

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Painting Through the Darkness

Learn more about Alexi's journey as a burn survivor and how she found healing through art.

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PEG Scholar Update: Jason Heard

Ask Jason Heard what he wanted to be when he grew up, and he will answer, “a pilot.” You can hear the smile in his voice through the phone as he explains that he really didn’t have a strong calling to be a pilot—as a matter-of-fact, he didn’t know what he wanted to be at all. Little did Jason know that his burn injury at age 12 would influence his career path. In this story, Jason shares his journey from burn survivor to medical resident.

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Pivotal Moments: Recognizing and Embracing Life-Changing Turning Points

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Purpose Through Tragedy

Pam Elliot, burn survivor and SOAR peer supporter shares her journey of becoming a Phoenix Advocate and becoming a voice for burn survivors by telling her personal story with purpose - a purpose driven to improve the quality of burn care and prevent future burn injuries. She challenges other burn survivors to get involved and make a difference!

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Sarah Bazey: Deciding to Live a Life Not Defined by Scars

This article follows the journey of Sarah Bazey, successful businesswoman, figure skater, and beauty pageant contestant, as she accepts her burn injury and finds a "new normal."

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Surviving Against All Odds

Patty Tweedle suffered 86% burn injuries from a fire cause by a propane explosion and was given only a 10% chance to live. She survived her burn injury and and strengthened her relations with her mother and husband.

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