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Electrical Burns: A New Take on an Old Injury

This article overviews electrical injuries and damage that can happen not just externally, such as burns or amputations, but also internal injuries. Even low voltage shocks can have an affect on your body such as skin sensitivity and memory loss.

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Fractional Ablation Laser Therapy for Burn Scars

Fractional ablative laser therapy for burn scars has received extensive exposure in the national media over the last year.This article is written to help you understand this form of therapy as it is being applied to burn scars and bring some perspective to where fractional ablation laser therapy stands in its development as a routinely accepted treatment for burn scars.

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Hand Transplantation

Loss of one or both hands from burn injury affects thousands of people each year, including many wounded American service members from the armed conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Treatment options and methods to optimize functional capacity of these amputees remain limited and compound the difficulties faced by burn survivors recovering not only from a burn, but from the loss of their hand(s) as well.

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How to Beat the Itch

Almost all of my patients complain of itching at one time or another. For some, itching starts right away, as soon as the burn starts to heal. For others, it may wait until one or two months have gone by.

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Laser Treatment for Scars

In recent years, laser scar treatment has gained widespread interest and use. Dr. Blome-Eberwien provides a comprehensive overview of laser use for burn scars and modern scar treatment.

Laser Therapy Laser Therapy and Burn Scars Lasers Professionals Medical Resources Burn Support Magazine
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Psychosocial Considerations in Hand/Arm Transplantation

There is great interest in hand transplantation as a way to increase function and quality of life for people who have had upper extremity amputation due to injury. This transplantation surgery is an exciting new strategy, with approximately 70 arm transplants having been performed around the world to date.

Wellness Professionals Resources Medical Health hand transplantation hand transplant Transplantation
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Rehabilitation Options after Experiencing a Severe Hand Burn

Recent medical and prosthetic advances have resulted in many options designed to maximize functional outcomes after sustaining a severe hand burn. Although it is great to have options, determining which options are best for an individual can be overwhelming. The intent of this article is to review rehabilitation considerations to help with this decision making process.

Getting Back to Life Professionals Resources Health Medical hand rehabilitation burn rehabilitation
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The Impact of Reconstructive Surgery: On the Road to Restoration

As both an acute burn surgeon and a reconstructive plastic surgeon, I am often asked by both patients and families: “When does the plastic surgery start?” I smile. What they are really asking is “When does the healing start?” What they don’t yet know is that reconstructive surgery often plays a small role in the overall post burn restoration process.

Wellness Health Professionals For Parents Resources Medical Reconstructive Reconstructive surgery
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The Restorative Role of Sleep

Sleep is a complex phenomenon with various functions, many of which help us adapt to a variety of stressors throughout the day. In this brief article, I will address one of the most fascinating aspects of sleep, an aspect that has to do with physical and psychological restoration.

Wellness Health Professionals For Parents Medical sleep Insomnia
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