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A Newlywed Couple Faces the Challenge of a Lifetime

Firefighter Mitch Dryer suffered severe burn injuries when pinned under burning debris from a ceiling collapse. He and his wife, Aimee, tell the story of their journey of burn recovery - together.

Firefighter Burn Survivor Family Stories Burn-injured firefighter Phoenix WBC Phoenix World Burn Congress Phoenix SOAR Getting back to living Emotional Healing Survivor Stories
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Brad Johnson: Overcoming Challenges; Encouraging Fellow Survivors

Brad Johnson, a volunteer firefighter, was burn-injured when responding to a crude oil tank fire. He tells his story of recovery and how the Phoenix Society's online peer support chat and its community of burn survivors helped him get back to life.

Men's Stories Peer Support Chat Phoenix Online Peer Support Chat Nicole Smith Survivor Stories Firefighter Firefighter Burn Survivor Burn Injured firefighter Getting back to living Online Chat
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Burn Survivor and Family Learn Lessons of Endurance

When Joe Schuckel was burned in 1994, his entire family was affected. His parents and siblings joined him in his journey of recovery both emotional and physical. The lessons he learned from his burn recovery — the ability to fight through pain to reach a goal, the rigor and discipline of therapy, wound care and pressure garments, the mental toughness of a survivor — have helped him become the successful athlete he is today.

Men's Stories Getting Back to Life Getting back to living burn survivor athletes Survivor Stories
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Celebrating a New Life and New Opportunities

Burned by her ex-husband, Melisa faced a long road of both emotional and physical recovery. She made the decision to stop being a 'victim' and start being a 'survivor'.. and has found a new, healthy and loving relationship.

Women's Stories Burn injuires and abuse Getting back to living Emotional Healing Emotional Recovery Domestic abuse Survivor Stories Wellness
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Family Support: Key to Recovery

Stefanie Bello Stote, was burned to more than 75% of her body when a transformer exploded in an electrical substation she was investigating as part of her job. She found strength in her family and her daughter as she healed.

Women's Stories Families and Friends 2015 Burn Survivor Workshop Parent And Child Family Stories Getting back to living Family support Phoenix World Burn Congress Survivor Stories
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Getting Through the Fire: One Couple’s Guidebook for “Surviving Survival”

When firefighter Lionel Crowther was burned on the job, he and his wife were in for a long journey. They faced changes in their relationship and struggles that went far beyond the physical impact of the burn injury.

Firefighter Burn Survivors Family Stories Burn Injured firefighter Phoenix SOAR Phoenix SOAR Firefighters Phoenix World Burn Congress Survivor Stories Getting Getting back to living Caregiver Fatigue
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How Shifting the Focus to Gratitude Helped My Family Heal

Alicia Assad, mother of a burn survivor, tells the story of the injury and recovery of her then 2-year-old son, William. She shares her efforts of consciously seeking gratitude as a technique to increase positive emotion, gain strength during challenging moments, and increase her ability to cope under stress.

Family Stories Burn injured children Getting back to living Wellness Survivor Stories Gratitude Healing Alicia Assad
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Jill Sproul and Kevin Cook: A Story of Hope

Does everything really happen for a reason? How does someone maintain hope in the face of a devastating trauma? These are two of the biggest questions faced by many burn survivors and their immediate caregivers. This article addresses both questions through the lens of a love story, the story of how Jill Sproul and Kevin Cook lost much but found each other.

Family Stories Love and Burn Injury Survivor Stories Burn survivors and hope Getting back to living Hope and Healing Men's Stories Women's Stories Jill Sproul Kevin Cook James Bosch
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John O’Leary: Choosing to Become a Beacon of Hope

John O'Leary is a renowned motivational speaker—and burn survivor. John suffered a devastating burn injury at the age of 9 and shares the critical lessons he learned. Read his inspiring words and be prepared to regain your life and create your own possibility...

Men's Stories Childhood burn injury Dealing with scars John O'Leary Phoenix World Burn Congress Phoenix WBC Getting back to living Survivor Stories
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Navigating Relationships Proves Key to His Success

Todd Nelson, injured by a suicide bomb blast in Afghanistan in 2007, chose to not let his injuries define him. After retiring from service, Todd went back to college in the hopes of creating better job opportunities for himself. He soon realized career skills were not all he needed. Todd knew to get ahead in life he would need to work on his social skills in order to overcome the barriers and reactions by others to his facial scars. Read on to learn how Todd navigated those relationships and embraced success.

Men's Stories Military Getting back to living PEG PEG Scholarships Survivor Stories Todd Nelson
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Ohio Survivor and Family SOARs and Gives Back So Others Can

Four years after a near fatal explosion changed their lives forever, an Ohio burn survivor and his family are giving back. Tony Nuss became a trained Phoenix SOAR peer supporter to help other survivors.

Men's Stories Giving Back Getting back to living Family Stories Phoenix SOAR Survivor Stories
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Survivor Spotlight: Luis Nevarez

Luis Nevarez always knew he wanted to be a firefighter. Be inspired as you learn of Luis' perseverance and courage in the aftermath of a doubly devastating injury - a severe electrical burn that ultimately led to the amputation of his left forearm, and his determination to return to work as a full-duty firefighter.

Men's Stories Firefighters Luis Nevarez Firefighter Burn Survivors Phoenix SOAR Survivor Stories Getting back to living
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