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Hospitalization Issues Listed by Stages of Development

This listing of hospitalization issues is broken down by age groups and includes basic fears, responses to hospitalization, and supportive care.

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How Kids Hear Hospital Words

Kids have active imaginations. You may say or hear words every day that are familiar to you. A child may tap into his or her imagination to understand what those words mean. This guide is intended to help you realize how differently some words can be perceived by a child and some simple terms to explain them.

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How to Beat the Itch

Almost all of my patients complain of itching at one time or another. For some, itching starts right away, as soon as the burn starts to heal. For others, it may wait until one or two months have gone by.

Wellness Health For Parents Professionals Medical Itch
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How To Help A Person With A Serious Burn Injury

Burn survivors say that a strong support system of family and friends is one of the most important factors in a successful recovery from a burn injury. This article addresses how you can help.

Wellness For Parents Professionals Caregivers
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Journey of Healing Through Fire Advocacy

In advocating for public education, fire prevention, knowledge and awareness surrounding fires, burns and other traumas, I am fully healing. We all have a story, and many of us have had tragedies.

Getting Back to Life Resources For Parents Parent And Child Survivor Stories Peer Support Parent Child Resources Families and Friends Advocacy
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Lending a Healing Hand: Peer Support

Peer support is used in relation to many health conditions, such as chronic pain, cancer, cardiac issues, substance abuse, as well as burn injury. Those in the burn community have varied levels of involvement with peer support. This article explores the healing effects of peer support with personal stories and results for studies.

Wellness For Parents Resources Peer Support Phoenix World Burn Congress
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One Burn Survivor to Another: An Interview with Kechi Okwuchi

When Kechi Okwuchi amazed the judges in the America’s Got Talent auditions, burn survivors all over the world swelled with pride. As she advanced all the way to the finals, Kechi demonstrated again and again that she is proud of who she is: a survivor. When Kechi surprised the attendees of Phoenix World Burn Congress, we had the chance for an exclusive interview with the America’s Got Talent star.

Personal Stories Women's Stories Phoenix World Burn Congress Survivor Stories For Parents Parent And Child Burn Support Magazine
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Preparing Children to Visit in the Burn Unit

When a family member is injured parents often ask whether it is appropriate for children to visit the patient in the burn unit. The suggestions found in this article offer guidance for families or other hospital staff to insure that if children visit on the burn unit, the experience is a positive one for both the child and the burn patient.

Professionals For Parents For Children Families and Friends Parent And Child Parent Child Resources Kids
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Preventing Compassion Fatigue:  Caring for Ourselves While Caring for Others

This resource provides a look at compassion fatigue, explaining what it is and how we can prevent it.

Professionals Foundations For Parents Wellness
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Psychological and Emotional Impact of a Burn Injury

This article discusses the psychological and emotional impact of trauma for all age groups. It offers advice on identifying trauma in children and adolescents and choosing a mental health professional.

For Parents Grief and Trauma Wellness
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Putting the Therapeutic in Burn Camps

This article presents information on burn camps for children, reviewing the advantages of camps that focus equally on therapeutic measures and fun activities for the best experience. The Cheley/Children’s Hospital Burn Camp near Estes Park, Colorado is highlighted.

Wellness For Parents Parent And Child For Children Burn Camp
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Recognizing and Responding to Bullying

Is your child being bullied? What exactly is bullying and how can I stop it? Find out the answers to these questions and more!

Parent And Child For Parents Parent Child Resources Kids Families and Friends For Children Bully bullying
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Recognizing the Impact of Childhood Trauma

Inadequate or incomplete achievement of developmental tasks often occurs in the wake of trauma. This is true for the burn injured child as well as siblings of the child who suffered the burn.

Getting Back to Life Professionals For Parents Resources Parent Child Resources Parent And Child Kids
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Self-Care for Caregivers

Many of us, including doctors, nurses, therapists, and first responders, choose and embrace the role of caregiver. However, some caregivers, such as parents, spouses, family members, and significant others, have the role thrust upon them when someone they love experiences a serious illness or a traumatic injury, like a burn.

Wellness For Parents Professionals Resources Caregivers
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Stay Warm This Winter… Safely

Nice, but it’s hard to feel cozy if you don’t feel safe. Hot food and drinks, stoves, and fireplaces are all part of taking the sting out of the winter cold. They are good things! But don’t forget that with them come some additional risks. This article provides tips on heating safety.

For Parents Prevention Professionals Beyond Surviving Heater Safety
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