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Choosing a Therapist and Getting the Most out of Counseling After a Burn Injury

Many burn survivors want to find an individual counselor to support them on the journey of recovery after a burn injury. Learn how to find a therapist and get the most out of counseling.

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Getting the Most out of Counseling after a Burn Injury

Consider interviewing therapists before you commit to an ongoing process with a therapist. Be an active participant in your therapy. Ask questions, set goals, and develop a plan of action that includes evaluating progress toward your personal, relationship, life and recovery goals.

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Self-Compassion:  What It Is, How It Can Help

How often do you catch yourself, saying unkind things to yourself? It seems that harsh self-judgment has become normal for many of us and we may even believe that it is the best way to motivate ourselves to do better. However, there is a better way to motivate yourself to do better, to deal with difficult situations, and to feel better in general. Self-compassion and mindfulness are linked by the growing awareness and evidence from a huge body of research that indicate that treating ourselves (and others) with kindness not only feels better but also allows us to make healthy changes and face new challenges with more success.

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