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Becoming Greater Than Before

For almost forty years, burn survivors, their families, their first responders, and their healers have come together to create a powerful community. At the core of this community, Phoenix Society has become the leading national organization providing support for lifelong healing after a burn injury.

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Beyond the Burns

In 1996, twenty-year-old Manny Gonzalez was fulfilling his dream of helping others. He was a United States Marine. He was serving his country. Then, during a combat exercise, a fire broke out. Manny went back into the flames to rescue a fellow marine, sustaining second and third degree burns over 80% of his body.

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Building the Future from Within

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Discarding Our Toxic Armor

Joseph Campbell called shame a “toxic armor:” it protects you, but in hurtful ways. Like most outdated survival mechanisms, our job in healing is to find a way to set aside that heavy burden and move more lightly and freely through life.

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Everything Takes Time

In 2015, Rita was one of nearly 500 people injured in an explosion at Formosa Fun Coast Park in Taipei, Taiwan. The 21-year-old burn survivor attends North Carolina State University, where she studies applied math. Rita hopes to pursue a career in healthcare and engage with the burn community. In this interview, she shares her experience as a Taiwanese burn survivor living in the United States.

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Laser Treatment for Scars

In recent years, laser scar treatment has gained widespread interest and use. Dr. Blome-Eberwien provides a comprehensive overview of laser use for burn scars and modern scar treatment.

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Lasers and Burn Scars: An Exciting New Era in Burn Reconstruction

Dr. Pirko Maguina writes about the treatment of burn scars with lasers. Laser therapy has evolved to be a key treatment option for burn survivors. More than 50 different lasers are used in medicine. Of these, 3 types have proven most useful; the fractionated carbon dioxide laser (FCO2), the pulse dye laser (PD), and the hair removal lasers. The results of laser treatment vary - sometimes with marked improvement and other times with little change. It is a very inspiring time for research, and the latest equipment has brought amazing innovations!

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One Burn Survivor to Another: An Interview with Kechi Okwuchi

When Kechi Okwuchi amazed the judges in the America’s Got Talent auditions, burn survivors all over the world swelled with pride. As she advanced all the way to the finals, Kechi demonstrated again and again that she is proud of who she is: a survivor. When Kechi surprised the attendees of Phoenix World Burn Congress, we had the chance for an exclusive interview with the America’s Got Talent star.

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Pivotal Moments: Recognizing and Embracing Life-Changing Turning Points

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Preparing for Air Travel

You might wonder how burn injuries and medical devices will affect your trip through the security checkpoint, but TSA offers a variety of programs and initiatives.

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Skin Care after a Burn Injury

Learn more about protecting your skin after a burn injury.

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Taking it Like a Man

There are many factors at play that determine how we react to grief and recover from loss. One such factor is machismo, the expectation that men must be stoic and unemotional in the face of tragedy. But how can men process their grief when society tells them to suppress their emotions? More importantly, what do we do to better support men who are experiencing grief? To gain further perspective, we spoke to Feike Van Dijk, who shared his strategies for coping in a society that encourages men to hide their feelings.

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The Power of Hope

Samuel Moore-Sobel shares his experience attending Phoenix World Burn Congress for the very first time.

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The Transformative Power of a River

Two burn survivors find healing in adaptive sports.

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Trauma Sensitive Schools

Interacting with peers is one of the most important steps to recovery after trauma, but many families struggle with anxiety and apprehension about this crucial time. As parents, there a few things we can do to ensure the school year begins on a positive note.

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