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Becoming a Leader, Life Transitions, Part 1

Are you a young adult transitioning from high school to the adult world? Navigating transitions and change is the very essence of life. As we move through different seasons of the year, ages, relationships, and jobs and all that they bring, change is inevitable. How we approach, navigate, and react to these transitions shapes not only who we are, but also our future.

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David Schury: Discovering the Reason Why

David Schury suffered 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns from an explosion at an electrical substation. He shares his journey of recovery—and the healing he found as a counselor at a children's burn camp.

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Family Burn Camp: YMCA Camp duNord Style

In this remote Minnesota north woods setting the cares and demands of everyday life are set aside for one week of uninterrupted family time. For families with a child who has been burned it also provides an opportunity to come together with other families who share this experience.

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New Friends, New Support Systems, A New Outlook on Life

Burned at 22, Alex Trevino ultimately found meaning in his role as a SOAR peer supporter and a counselor at a Wisconsin burn camp.

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Putting the Therapeutic in Burn Camps

This article presents information on burn camps for children, reviewing the advantages of camps that focus equally on therapeutic measures and fun activities for the best experience. The Cheley/Children’s Hospital Burn Camp near Estes Park, Colorado is highlighted.

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The Adult Survivor Family Getaway: “Burn Camp” for the Entire Family

Sandra Hishida didn’t know what to expect when she signed up for a family camp for burn survivors. Sandra suffered a burn injury when she was very young, but she persevered and created a life for herself. She grew up and became a nurse, married Kurt, and had two wonderful children, Kasandra and Shoji.

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