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Employment after Burn Injury

Returning to work after a burn injury can be an important phase of recovery that helps you return to a routine. Work not only provides you with an income and other benets such as health insurance, but can also give you a sense of purpose and confidence that is critical in maintaining a higher quality of life. Returning to work is often accompanied by a confusing range of emotions, such as feeling both excitement and anxiety.

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Vocational Resources

While transition is part of everyone's life process, the burn survivor experiences multiple transition experiences that can result in different journeys of grief stages concurrently involving self-image, self- esteem, as well as the realities of loss of career identify and earning potential. The transition journey for the burn survivor is initially focused upon medical recovery and physical rehabilitation, the bodily changes and the emotional implications of surviving a burn injury. The burn survivor must experience this initial transition journey before being ready for vocational planning - Getting Back to Work.

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