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Bearing Witness - Station Nightclub Fire 2003 - 2013

Ten years after a fire killed 100 people at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island, Rob Feeney, a survivor, returned to the site to remember the fiancee and friends he lost, and recount how he became a champion of fire sprinklers. (Reprint with permission from NFPA Journal® [Vol.107, #1] , copyright© 2013, National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA. All Rights Reserved.)

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Burn Survivors Take Cue From J.R., Advocate on Behalf of Phoenix Society

Cindy Rutter, burn survivor, long-term Phoenix Society Advocate and Phoenix SOAR coordinator takes every opportunity to increase burn awareness, prevent burn injuries and improve the quality of burn care. This included her involvement with J.R. Martinez's participation in 'Dancing With The Stars'. It was here she says she realized the impact of advocating for burn survivors. She encourages other survivors to "step out" and share their story.

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Journey of Healing Through Fire Advocacy

In advocating for public education, fire prevention, knowledge and awareness surrounding fires, burns and other traumas, I am fully healing. We all have a story, and many of us have had tragedies.

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Purpose Through Tragedy

Pam Elliot, burn survivor and SOAR peer supporter shares her journey of becoming a Phoenix Advocate and becoming a voice for burn survivors by telling her personal story with purpose - a purpose driven to improve the quality of burn care and prevent future burn injuries. She challenges other burn survivors to get involved and make a difference!

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Sending a Message of Love, Hope, and Forgiveness

Kim Phuc, burned at age 9 by napalm during the Vietnam War, has used her role in an iconic photograph to spread her message of peace and understanding throughout the world.

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Society Holds First Advocacy Training Session

The Phoenix Society held its first advocacy training session at the American Burn Association’s annual meeting in Boston.

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Understanding and Preventing Flash Fires

Educating the public is the best way to prevent flash fires and the serious burn injuries that can result. That’s why it a good time take a few minutes to learn how you can reduce the chance of injury by safely storing and using common household products.

Prevention Burn Prevention Advocacy
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Villains, Victims, and Vigilantes

Prior research and advocacy efforts have shown that film characters can influence feelings about physical appearance and contribute to biases and stereotypes. Characters presented in films that reinforce negative stereotypes may be detrimental for burn survivors with scarring and other physical alterations.

Resources Professionals It's Time For A Hero Advocacy
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Why Advocacy Matters

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors are proud partners in advocating for fire safety. While facts and figures are an important part of advocacy, they’re often not enough to fight the misconceptions that get in the way of fire and life safety. Misconceptions like “It can’t happen to me.”

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