Villains, Victims, and Vigilantes

Prior research and advocacy efforts have shown that film characters can influence feelings about physical appearance and contribute to biases and stereotypes. Characters presented in films that reinforce negative stereotypes may be detrimental for burn survivors with scarring and other physical alterations.

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Words, Words, Words – Does It Really Look Good?

Words, words, words . . . when a thermally injured person first enters the hospital for burn care, the first encounter with the medical staff is crucial. Words are used to explain what is wrong with a patient; the severity of the injury; whether the patient will live or die; and what kind of disability might be expected. The words used will often set the tone for the entire hospital stay.

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Wound Care and Scar Management After Burn Injury (MSKTC)

This article provides advice on caring for burn scars after an injury, offering tips on moisturizing, sun exposure, and more.

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