Laser Treatment for Scars

In recent years, laser scar treatment has gained widespread interest and use. Dr. Blome-Eberwien provides a comprehensive overview of laser use for burn scars and modern scar treatment.

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Lasers and Burn Scars: An Exciting New Era in Burn Reconstruction

Dr. Pirko Maguina writes about the treatment of burn scars with lasers. Laser therapy has evolved to be a key treatment option for burn survivors. More than 50 different lasers are used in medicine. Of these, 3 types have proven most useful; the fractionated carbon dioxide laser (FCO2), the pulse dye laser (PD), and the hair removal lasers. The results of laser treatment vary - sometimes with marked improvement and other times with little change. It is a very inspiring time for research, and the latest equipment has brought amazing innovations!

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Lasers for Burn and Trauma Scar Rehabilitation: Giving Humans the Power to Heal by Themselves

Are you considering laser therapy for your scars? Dermatology has been at the forefront of laser invention and innovation in medicine. One such innovation has been the “fractionation” of laser beams. These fractional lasers have now become an impressive tool in treating burn scars. Laser treatment of scars represents a major innovation that heals in ways not previously possible.

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Milestones and Life Events: The Cycle of Healing (Part I)

In this article, James Bosch reflects on his experience as an adult burned as an infant as he experienced life's milestones.

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Milestones and Life Events: The Cycle of Healing (Part II)

In this installment of the Milestones and Life Events series, Dustin Wise and Kimberly Calman share their stories about being burn-injured as teenagers.

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Milestones and Life Events: The Cycle of Healing (Part III)

As the final installment of the Milestones and Life Events series, James January shares his story of healing.

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Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms

This document lists the symptoms often seen in adults post trauma.

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Preparing Children to Visit in the Burn Unit

When a family member is injured parents often ask whether it is appropriate for children to visit the patient in the burn unit. The suggestions found in this article offer guidance for families or other hospital staff to insure that if children visit on the burn unit, the experience is a positive one for both the child and the burn patient.

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Preparing for Air Travel

You might wonder how burn injuries and medical devices will affect your trip through the security checkpoint, but TSA offers a variety of programs and initiatives.

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Preventing Compassion Fatigue:  Caring for Ourselves While Caring for Others

This resource provides a look at compassion fatigue, explaining what it is and how we can prevent it.

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Psychological Distress after Burn Injury (MSKTC)

This article provides symptoms of psychological distress and strategies for the treatment of it, including psychotherapy, medication, and behavioral approaches.

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Psychosocial Considerations in Hand/Arm Transplantation

There is great interest in hand transplantation as a way to increase function and quality of life for people who have had upper extremity amputation due to injury. This transplantation surgery is an exciting new strategy, with approximately 70 arm transplants having been performed around the world to date.

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Recognizing the Impact of Childhood Trauma

Inadequate or incomplete achievement of developmental tasks often occurs in the wake of trauma. This is true for the burn injured child as well as siblings of the child who suffered the burn.

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Rehabilitation Options after Experiencing a Severe Hand Burn

Recent medical and prosthetic advances have resulted in many options designed to maximize functional outcomes after sustaining a severe hand burn. Although it is great to have options, determining which options are best for an individual can be overwhelming. The intent of this article is to review rehabilitation considerations to help with this decision making process.

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Right Where We Want to Be

Are you a burn professional? Do you love what you do? There are many health professionals who stumble into the world of burns, but those of us who choose to stay year after year have found that it is our passion. There is a sense that this is where we were meant to be.

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