Kyle Maynard ‘No Excuses’ Private

Phoenix World Burn Congress 2012 keynote speaker, Kyle Maynard’s No Excuses presentation is teaching audiences around the world that there are no worthy excuses. No matter how challenging your difficulties may seem, everyone has the ability to overcome; Kyle will show you how. Maynard was born with a condition known as congenital amputation that has left him with arms that end at the elbows and legs that end near his knees. Crowds are spellbound as Kyle chronicles his life experiences and relates his emotions to each individual group. Maynard’s accomplishments as an athlete speak for themselves, but he believes it’s a part of his mission to show others they’re capable of achieving greatness in their lives as well.

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Mark Nepo: Finding Inner Courage: The Journey of Transformation Private

NY Times #1 best-selling author Mark Nepo is a poet, philosopher and cancer survivor who first spoke for Phoenix World Burn Congress 2006 attendees in Sacramento, CA and returned again to speak at Phoenix World Burn Congress 2014. This year he inspired attendees with a thought-provoking message about the journey we all face in finding inner courage. The original notion of the word courage means to stand by one’s core. Mark explored how we can find our way to our core, stand by our core, and sustain the practice of living from our core—to live out of our courage. To encourage means to impart strength and confidence, to inspire and hearten.

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Robert David Hall: To Inspire With My Journey Private

Robert David Hall, actor, who has played the role of ‘Dr. Albert Robbins’ on the Emmy-nominated CBS TV show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, spoke both humorously and pointedly to the Phoenix World Burn Congress 2014 attendees during Saturday's general session in Anaheim, CA. You may not think that burn nurses, a one legged world champion square dancer, and an Angels baseball game have a lot in common-unless you heard 'David Hall' (Robert David Hall) speak. While sharing the story of his life, David touched on the horrific car accident that left him with severe burns on his legs which required double leg amputations, but that wasn’t the focus of his talk. The theme of David’s talk was expressing gratitude and focusing on the various-and sometimes unlikely, people and things that helped him in his burn recovery.

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