Hand Transplantation

Loss of one or both hands from burn injury affects thousands of people each year, including many wounded American service members from the armed conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Treatment options and methods to optimize functional capacity of these amputees remain limited and compound the difficulties faced by burn survivors recovering not only from a burn, but from the loss of their hand(s) as well.

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Hidden Burns Matter

Are you healing emotionally from a hidden burn? Do you feel like your experience is minimized by others because your burn isn't visible? A hidden burn is hidden pain. The pain is real. The pain is justified.

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How Kids Hear Hospital Words

Kids have active imaginations. You may say or hear words every day that are familiar to you. A child may tap into his or her imagination to understand what those words mean. This guide is intended to help you realize how differently some words can be perceived by a child and some simple terms to explain them.

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How to Beat the Itch

Almost all of my patients complain of itching at one time or another. For some, itching starts right away, as soon as the burn starts to heal. For others, it may wait until one or two months have gone by.

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Intimacy and Sexuality after a Burn Injury

Recovering from your burn injury has taken a lot of work and energy. As you heal, you may have concerns beyond your survival and physical recovery, such as feelings about your body and relationships with others. It is normal for someone with a burn injury to have concerns about intimacy and sexuality...

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Lasers and Burn Scars: An Exciting New Era in Burn Reconstruction

Dr. Pirko Maguina writes about the treatment of burn scars with lasers. Laser therapy has evolved to be a key treatment option for burn survivors. More than 50 different lasers are used in medicine. Of these, 3 types have proven most useful; the fractionated carbon dioxide laser (FCO2), the pulse dye laser (PD), and the hair removal lasers. The results of laser treatment vary - sometimes with marked improvement and other times with little change. It is a very inspiring time for research, and the latest equipment has brought amazing innovations!

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Lasers for Burn and Trauma Scar Rehabilitation: Giving Humans the Power to Heal by Themselves

Are you considering laser therapy for your scars? Dermatology has been at the forefront of laser invention and innovation in medicine. One such innovation has been the “fractionation” of laser beams. These fractional lasers have now become an impressive tool in treating burn scars. Laser treatment of scars represents a major innovation that heals in ways not previously possible.

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Managing Pain after Burn Injury (MSKTC)

This article provide tips on managing and coping with pain after a burn injury, both through medication and behavioral approaches like meditation.

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My Experience With Laser Treatments on Burn and Graft Scars

Can laser treatments help minimize the appearance of scars? Kris Flaten describes her personal experience with laser treatments on burn and graft scars.

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Online Resources Available to You

For more than 35 years, the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors has been the leader in providing resources, education, and peer support to the burn community. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who has been affected by a burn injury has an environment of support and the tools needed to thrive again.

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Post-Burn Itch: Variety of Treatments Offer Relief for a Complex Problem

Few people can identify with the problem of chronic, or long-lasting, itching. Much more than a nuisance, long-term itching can be a very troubling issue that interferes with sleep, activities of daily living, and overall quality of life. Itching, also known as pruritus, is unfortunately quite common following burn injuries. Find more information about treatment options and alternative therapies to offer relief for a complex problem.

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Psychosocial Considerations in Hand/Arm Transplantation

There is great interest in hand transplantation as a way to increase function and quality of life for people who have had upper extremity amputation due to injury. This transplantation surgery is an exciting new strategy, with approximately 70 arm transplants having been performed around the world to date.

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Rehabilitation Options after Experiencing a Severe Hand Burn

Recent medical and prosthetic advances have resulted in many options designed to maximize functional outcomes after sustaining a severe hand burn. Although it is great to have options, determining which options are best for an individual can be overwhelming. The intent of this article is to review rehabilitation considerations to help with this decision making process.

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Right Where We Want to Be

Are you a burn professional? Do you love what you do? There are many health professionals who stumble into the world of burns, but those of us who choose to stay year after year have found that it is our passion. There is a sense that this is where we were meant to be.

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Shaking Free of Stress and Trauma

Mind-Body Practices to Complement Traditional Healthcare. Many Americans, nearly 40 percent, use health care approaches developed outside of mainstream Western, or conventional, medicine for specific conditions or overall well-being, reports the National Institutes of Health National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine website. TRE, known as Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®), have been taught in 100 countries over the last 20 years. TRE has been successfully utilized by large military populations, traumatized communities exposed to natural and war-related disasters, first responders, mental health professionals, teachers, prisoners, individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder, and athletes. Designed as a self-directed method to be taught in group settings, TRE is easily learned, reproduced, and independently practiced.

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