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Trauma Sensitive Schools

Interacting with peers is one of the most important steps to recovery after trauma, but many families struggle with anxiety and apprehension about this crucial time. As parents, there a few things we can do to ensure the school year begins on a positive note.

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Treatment Recommendations for PTSD

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder? Are you wondering what treatments are available? In this second installment of three part series we look at the treatments recommendations for PTSD.

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Understanding a Burn Injury (MSKTC)

This fact sheet from Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center explains how to determine the severity of a burn injury, how burn injuries are treated, and how burn patients can get resources and support.

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Understanding and Improving Body Image after Burn Injury (MSKTC)

This resource explains how body image can be affected by a burn injury, offers strategies for use in social situations, and advice for parents and teachers of young burn survivors.

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Understanding and Preventing Flash Fires

Educating the public is the best way to prevent flash fires and the serious burn injuries that can result. That’s why it a good time take a few minutes to learn how you can reduce the chance of injury by safely storing and using common household products.

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Understanding Intimacy and Sexuality After Burn Injury

The aftermath of a burn injury can affect many aspects of a person’s life. Several areas that often create challenges and result in frustration after a burn injury are related to intimacy and sexual function. Find tips and understand more about the role of sexuality and how to improve intimacy after a burn injury.

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Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with PTSD? Are you wondering if you might have PTSD after a traumatic event?

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Uses for Anger

ANGER is a powerful emotion. We have a choice as to how we use the energy of anger to make a positive or negative difference in the world.

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Victim Triangle

This article delves into the function of the Victim Triangle to contain the pain (unresolved grief, trauma, and toxic anger and shame), in the system. The fuel that runs the victim triangle is guilt and fear and avoidance of personal responsibility. It also points to ways to improve self esteem.

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Victims to Survivors: Addressing the Bullying Problem

This article explores bullying: how to identify it, how it affects adolescents and adults, how to help the victim, and how to prevent the behavior.

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Villains, Victims, and Vigilantes

Prior research and advocacy efforts have shown that film characters can influence feelings about physical appearance and contribute to biases and stereotypes. Characters presented in films that reinforce negative stereotypes may be detrimental for burn survivors with scarring and other physical alterations.

Resources Professionals It's Time For A Hero Advocacy
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Vocational Resources

While transition is part of everyone's life process, the burn survivor experiences multiple transition experiences that can result in different journeys of grief stages concurrently involving self-image, self- esteem, as well as the realities of loss of career identify and earning potential. The transition journey for the burn survivor is initially focused upon medical recovery and physical rehabilitation, the bodily changes and the emotional implications of surviving a burn injury. The burn survivor must experience this initial transition journey before being ready for vocational planning - Getting Back to Work.

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Walking Through the Ashes

After she was burned at age 17, Chris Gilyard faced a long journey of recovery, both physical and emotional, before she could see the colors of life again.

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What Do You Need to Start Your Own Support Group?

That support groups are helpful to people dealing with a broad range of life challenges, losses, and traumas is well documented. For burn survivors, finding a support group of people who understand the long journey back after a burn injury and who can therefore offer hope and direction in the process of recovery is a godsend.

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What I Learned from Two Weeks in a Burn Center

Sid Klein discusses his journey after his son was seriously burned.

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