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The Art of Healing: Creativity and Community in Pediatric Healthcare

Art was a purposeful tool with which to explore my physical and emotional state following my burn injury. In the early stages, I used drawing, painting, and printmaking to document my physical recovery as I relearned to walk.

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The Bowers Family

The Bowers family

World Burn Families and Friends Men's Stories Phoenix World Burn Congress WBC
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The Healing Powers of Sleep: There is So Much More to the Nightly Slumber

The ability to get good sleep can affect your health! According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 60 million Americans suffer from persistent insomnia, or inability to sleep. In a sense, we are a nation of insomniacs and the problem is not going away—in fact, it is getting worse. Learn more about how critical sleep is to our health, performance, and creativity...

Wellness Resources Health Professionals Burn Survivor and Sleep Insomnia Burn Victim and Insomnia Burn Injuries and Sleep
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The Impact of Reconstructive Surgery: On the Road to Restoration

As both an acute burn surgeon and a reconstructive plastic surgeon, I am often asked by both patients and families: “When does the plastic surgery start?” I smile. What they are really asking is “When does the healing start?” What they don’t yet know is that reconstructive surgery often plays a small role in the overall post burn restoration process.

Wellness Health Professionals For Parents Resources Medical Reconstructive Reconstructive surgery
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The Journey Back— Because School Reentry Is a Big Deal

School reentry is a big deal. Children and teens spend a large amount of their time in school. School is a complex place where they not only learn academics, but they learn how to participate in the world socially. It is an environment where wonderful, positive things can happen to build self-esteem, foster creativity, and instill a positive sense of self; or it can be a place where self-image is crushed and feelings of isolation grow.

Wellness For Parents Parent And Child For Children Getting Back to Life The Journey Back Journey Back Kids Parent Child Resources School Reentry Going Back to School
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The Power of Hope

Samuel Moore-Sobel shares his experience attending Phoenix World Burn Congress for the very first time.

Getting Back to Life Wellness Peer Support Phoenix WBC Survivor Stories Men's Stories Burn Support Magazine
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The Power of Peer Support

Peer Support Parent Child Resources Families and Friends Getting Back to Life Phoenix World Burn Congress
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The Restorative Role of Sleep

Sleep is a complex phenomenon with various functions, many of which help us adapt to a variety of stressors throughout the day. In this brief article, I will address one of the most fascinating aspects of sleep, an aspect that has to do with physical and psychological restoration.

Wellness Health Professionals For Parents Medical sleep Insomnia
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The Soul-Saving Miracle of Yoga

Many Americans, nearly 40 percent, use health care approaches developed outside of mainstream Western, or conventional, medicine for specific conditions or overall well-being, reports the National Institutes of Health National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine website. Practicing yoga a couple times a week, Blake Tedder explains what he has learned about the human body, and how the practice of yoga helped him to feel alive and awake again in his beautiful skin.

Wellness Health Alternative Healing Yoga Mind-Body Practices
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The Transformative Power of a River

Two burn survivors find healing in adaptive sports.

Getting Back to Life Survivor Stories Burn Support Magazine
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Three Things I Wish I Knew: Advice for Parents of Infant Burn Survivors

As a parent of an infant burn survivor, there are several things I wish I knew at the start of this journey and I hope my story will help others who are in the process of navigating life as a parent of a burn survivor.

Getting Back to Life For Parents Personal Stories Parent And Child For Children Kids Families and Friends Parent Child Resources
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Thriving—Beyond Surviving: Resiliency After Trauma

This article highlights the factors that define resiliency after a trauma. Studies have typically not highlighted the potential for posttraumatic growth and given equal attention to those who thrive in the face of adversity. Fortunately, burn survivors have taken this topic up on their own and are showing us every day how to thrive under pressure, not just survive. Resiliency can be taught! Read more....

Resiliency Thriving After Burn Injury Posttraumatic Growth Building resiliency Thriving with Adversity Wellness Getting Back to Life Mental Toughness Coping After Burn Injury
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Tools to Handle Questions and Teasing

After discharge from the burn center, a primary concern of many burn survivors and their families is the frequent questions asked about their appearance or their injury. Most of us are not accustomed to so much attention from strangers. Most people in our society are unfamiliar with burn injuries and have little experience with meeting people who look different.

Getting Back to Life Wellness For Parents Parent And Child Resources Parent Child Resources Social Skills Teasing bullying Staring Body Image
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Transcending Burn Trauma-The Journey From Survival to Reclaiming Your Life

Burn trauma profoundly affects all levels of our being. Therefore recovery needs to occur on all of these levels. Dealing with and healing from the psychological, emotional, and spiritual impact of burn trauma requires stamina, support, and a willingness to go through the process of grief and to let go when needed. Most of all, true healing, or transcendence of burn trauma requires a deep commitment to life on the part of the survivor.

Wellness Trauma Grief and Trauma Emotional Healing Emotional Recovery Psychological Healing Transcending Psychological Recovery
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Trauma Responses in Children & Adolescents

Traumatic experiences have a profound effect on the developing child. These effects impact the child cognitively, emotionally, psychologically, and socially. Find more information about the common manifestations of trauma by age group.

Wellness Resources Professionals Grief and Trauma For Parents Parent And Child
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