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Stay Warm This Winter… Safely

Nice, but it’s hard to feel cozy if you don’t feel safe. Hot food and drinks, stoves, and fireplaces are all part of taking the sting out of the winter cold. They are good things! But don’t forget that with them come some additional risks. This article provides tips on heating safety.

For Parents Prevention Professionals Beyond Surviving Heater Safety
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Stop Breathe Believe—Mindful Living One Thought at a Time

Stop Breathe Believe® is a mindfulness-based practice that was developed to help us navigate difficult thoughts such as guilt, trauma, problems of self-acceptance, or feeling out of control—emotions that burn survivors may struggle with on a daily basis. Mindfulness-based practices are built from the premise that our thoughts directly affect our perceptions and experiences. Read more how Stop Breathe Believe works by enabling us to stop self-defeating thoughts, breathe our way to a state of calm openness, and then proactively believe in a compassionate self-talk statement.

Wellness Mindfulness Self-Compassion Self-Talk Negative Self-Talk Positive Self-Talk Burn Injuries and Negative Thoughts Burn Injuries and Positive Thoughts Burn Injuries and Self-Acceptance
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Summer Safety: Tips For Staying Cool, Safe and Protected

When summer arrives, activities like outdoor barbecues, sitting in the sun, or going to see some fireworks at the beach can be part of the seasonal fun. Avoiding hazards can help ensure that these remain safe and enjoyable.

Getting Back to Life Wellness sun Sun Exposure Prevention
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Summer Tradition Requires Caution

Summer fun doesn’t have to include close calls. With a little forethought and a few precautions we can have a lot of fast-paced fun in the summer. This article provides safety tips for summer activities like cooking outdoors, camp fires, sleeping outside and more.

For Parents Parent And Child Resources Prevention Grilling Campfires
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Summit Focuses on Peer Support for Burn-Injured Firefighters

Peer support for burn-injured firefighters and their families was the topic of a 2-day summit held in Phoenix, Arizona, in January 2013. Representatives of the Phoenix Society’s Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery (SOAR) program, the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Charitable Foundation, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF), and the University of Kentucky College of Social Work gathered to discuss the specific support needs of burn-injured firefighters and their families.

Getting Back to Life Professionals Resources Peer Support SOAR
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Sun Protection After Burns

Health Prevention Sun Protection Scars Scars and Healing
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Support Groups for Children and Teens

This resource provides tips for facilitating support groups for young people, including ideas for activities and suggestions for overcoming challenges.

Foundations Parent And Child For Children For Parents Families and Friends Parent Child Resources
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Supporting Children in Reconnecting With Parents and Siblings Changed by Burn Trauma

Trauma can derail families and challenge their most basic sense of safety in the world. Both children and parents may feel the psychological and emotional effects of trauma for months or even years after the trauma occurs. When a parent or sibling is physically and emotionally changed by traumatic injury, such as burn injury, children need appropriate assistance in confronting and accepting these changes so that they can adjust and move on with their family.

Wellness Parent And Child Getting Back to Life Parent Child Resources Grief and Trauma Trauma For Parents Kids Siblings
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Surviving Against All Odds

Patty Tweedle suffered 86% burn injuries from a fire cause by a propane explosion and was given only a 10% chance to live. She survived her burn injury and and strengthened her relations with her mother and husband.

Personal Stories Women's Stories Kathy Edwards WBC World Burn Parent And Child Families and Friends
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Surviving the Holidays After a Loss: One Family’s Strategies for Coping

When Tara Stackpole's husband was killed in the 9/11 attacks, she and family had to find a way to survive the holidays.

Getting Back to Life Families and Friends Grief and Trauma James Bosch Holidays Grief Trauma Personal Stories
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Survivor Hones Recipe For Recovery From Traumatic Burn Injury

Cooking is the spice of life for Sabina Qureshi. It’s a poignant irony that Sabina’s clothing accidentally caught fire while she was preparing food for a relative with an injury. Although used to taking care of others, she had to learn to accept the assistance from her family and friends...

Women's Stories Getting Back to Life Phoenix World Burn Congress Phoenix SOAR Kathy Edwards Survivor Stories Family Stories Phoenix World Burn Congress Anxiety attacks
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Survivor Spotlight: Luis Nevarez

Luis Nevarez always knew he wanted to be a firefighter. Be inspired as you learn of Luis' perseverance and courage in the aftermath of a doubly devastating injury - a severe electrical burn that ultimately led to the amputation of his left forearm, and his determination to return to work as a full-duty firefighter.

Men's Stories Firefighters Luis Nevarez Firefighter Burn Survivors Phoenix SOAR Survivor Stories Getting back to living
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Taking it Like a Man

There are many factors at play that determine how we react to grief and recover from loss. One such factor is machismo, the expectation that men must be stoic and unemotional in the face of tragedy. But how can men process their grief when society tells them to suppress their emotions? More importantly, what do we do to better support men who are experiencing grief? To gain further perspective, we spoke to Feike Van Dijk, who shared his strategies for coping in a society that encourages men to hide their feelings.

Getting Back to Life Resources For Parents Survivor Stories Men's Stories Grief and Trauma Personal Stories Burn Support Magazine
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Taking That “Camp Magic” Home With You

This article offers advice for children returning from burn camp and their parents on how to keep the "camp magic" alive even after leaving burn camp.

Professionals Foundations Getting Back to Life For Parents For Children Parent Child Resources
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The Adult Survivor Family Getaway: “Burn Camp” for the Entire Family

Sandra Hishida didn’t know what to expect when she signed up for a family camp for burn survivors. Sandra suffered a burn injury when she was very young, but she persevered and created a life for herself. She grew up and became a nurse, married Kurt, and had two wonderful children, Kasandra and Shoji.

Parent And Child For Children Getting Back to Life Personal Stories Burn Camp
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