2015 Hickey Award

The Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation: 2015 Hickey Award Winner

Left to right: Phil Skrabut, Patrick Connoly, and Dennis Costin of the Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation accept the Hickey Award from Amy Acton and Chief Gerry Adam.
This year’s Hickey Award, which honors a firefighter or firefighter burn foundation that provides assistance to burn survivors, demonstrates a commitment to improve burn care through all phases of recovery, and works to carry on the mission of the Society and local community, was presented to The Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation. The Foundation has led the way for fire service support of lifelong recovery with its financial support of Phoenix Society programs, including unparalleled peer support through Phoenix World Burn Congress, sponsorship of the Phoenix UBelong program for youth at Phoenix World Burn Congress, as well as support of regional burn camps and its local hospital burn unit. Since its establishment in 2003, the Foundation has also provided lodging, clothes, meals, travel expenses, mortgage/rent payments, holiday gifts, and friendship to survivors and their families in the Boston area.

The Foundation is a pillar of financial support for the Phoenix Society allowing us to serve more families and burn centers and develop new programs
so those with burn injuries are never alone on their journey back to life,” said Acton. “Their commitment to the survivor’s quality of life is strong and they show it by going above and beyond to make a difference in the burn survivor community.”