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Two people, one wearing sunglasses and one with pink hair, hug in front of a sign that says "Burns Are Beautiful"

By joining our online community, you can access the members-only section of our website. This is a safe space to exchange information, make connections, and find new resources for life as a burn survivor.


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What You'll Find on Phoenix Connect

  • Peer Support Chat - Join us for a live, weekly chat about common issues and questions facing burn survivors and their loved ones
  • Survivor Stories - Read the stories of fellow burn survivors and share your own story
  • Blog Comments - Our blog is available publically, and commenting is available to members or our online community
  • Giving History - If you have donated to the Phoenix Society in the past or would like to manage an automatic monthly donation, you can do so through Phoenix Connect
  • Discussion Forum - Get information on your questions and share your knowledge in our question-and-answer style forum


The community is not meant to take the place of or provide counseling, psychotherapy, or medical advice. Rather, it is meant to provide real life experiences, support and direction so you may move forward in your healing process. We ask that all members of our online community agree to abide by the ground rules of our support network found in our Terms of Use Agreement.