Beyond Surviving: Tools for Thriving After Burn Injury

Life Strategies to be Comfortable, Confident, and Competent

Facing the world after surviving a burn injury can be challenging.  For survivors with physical differences and disabilities, re-joining their community can lead to great anxiety.  We are often unprepared for the reaction of others to our 'new' appearance.

'Beyond Surviving: Tools for Thriving' offers children, teens and adults social skills tools for social freedom and control. 

Specific strategies teach survivors and families the skills to use when faced with stares, questions, setting boundaries, and feeling uncertain in school , work, or social situations.  Beyond Surviving, Tools for Thriving:  STEPS Graphic

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Participate in a Research Study!  Your Experience Matters!

Phoenix Society is collaborating with North Texas Burn Rehabilitation Model System at the University of Texas Southwestern to evaluate the effectiveness of our online Social Skills Training program 'Beyond Surviving, Tools for Thriving After Burn Injury'.

Who can participate?

Burn survivors of all ages
Family members and friends of burn survivors

What's Involved?

Watch the online training by logging in to
Complete study questionnaires before and after the training

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