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Resources for Kids & Teens Recovering from a Burn Injury


recovering from a burn injuryAt any age, a burn injury deeply affects the individual survivor as well their friends and family. Yet children and teens facing the unexpected trauma of a burn injury need special attention as they get back to living. Everyday interaction with classmates, participation in extracurricular activities, and plans for their future may feel more challenging after a burn injury… and they may be unsure of how to ask questions or where to turn for help.


That’s why the Phoenix Society has designed a series of programs and resources especially designed for kid and teen survivors, sibilings of survivors, children of adult survivors, and their communities.

Programs & Resources for Kids & Teens with Burn Injuries


The Journey Back: Returning to School After a Burn Injury

Going back to school and being with peers is a very important step in a young burn survivor's recovery. The Journey Back is a program for parents, teachers, or any caring adult who is assisting a child with a positive return to school after a burn injury or traumatic loss. Learn more about the program, or view our online tutorial to hear from survivors, family members, educators, and firefighters about the process of going back to school after a burn injury.


Phoenix UBelong: Families, Teens, & Kids Together in Burn Recovery

This memorable three-day experience is a special track within Phoenix World Burn Congress. It is designed specifically for youth and their families who are navigating the journey of burn recovery. Through fun and interactive sessions, Phoenix UBelong engages burn survivors, their siblings, and parents across four groups:

  • Skilled childcare for infants and children through 6 years old
  • Youth and teens, ages 7 to 17 years old
  • Young adults, ages 18 to 25 years old
  • Parents, with a separate workshop and support groups

Learn more about Phoenix UBelong and the tools to support your family after burn injury...


Phoenix Society Resource Library

Our resource library contains an extensive list of articles and information about burn care, burn recovery, and common issues in the aftermath of a burn injury. Special sections are devoted to kids and teens, including age-appropriate materials about trauma, bullying, how kids hear hospital words, and survivor stories that offer hope.  Read more....


Beyond Surviving: Tools for Thriving After Burn Injury

Fear of rejection or anxiety about social interaction with peers is a common concern for kids and teens during the recovery process. This set of tools offers practical ways to handle teasing, bullying, questions about your burn injury, and confidence builders when meeting new people. Download the Beyond Surviving guide, or join us for an online course with more tips and tools for empowering your child.