Where Are They Now?

PEG Scholarship Helps Burn Survivor Students Pursue Education Dreams

Read the stories about our Phoenix Education Grant recipients - and how the scholarship with the student's personal perseverence is helping them achieve their life-long goals.


2015 - 2016 PEG Recipients

PEG Scholarship Helps 16 Students Contine Their Education in 2015 - 16

Sixteen burn survivors are furthering their education in 2015-16 with the financial assistance of a Phoenix Education Grant (PEG).

Read the inspiring stories about the 16 burn survivors who were granted the award to help assist their education dreams in the 2015 - 2015 academic year!


Rachel Anderson

2013 Phoenix Education Grant Recipient

FOCUS: Physical Therapy

Rachel’s experience overcoming adversity inspired her to pursue a career helping others do the same.

She is a freshman at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania. When she graduates from the rigorous six-year program, she will have a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

“This degree will allow me to help those who are going through the same thing I did,” she said. “In my future, I want help kids who need physical therapy. My life goal is to be a role model and show others that nothing can stop you.”  Read more of Rachel's story from our Blog...


Sara Christensen

2012 & 2014 Phoenix Education Grant Recipient

FOCUS: Nursing

Sara Christensen is a two-time recipient of the Phoenix Education Grant (PEG) all while pursuing her college education at Miami University.   She recently graduated and is now working at Kettering Hospital in the Adult Intensive Care Unit.

Sara reached out to Phoenix Society to share her education journey and thank the donors who helped to make her education dreams possible. 

She writes, “The Phoenix Education Grant allowed me to do things I would not have be able to do without financial assistance.  I was accepted into a competitive nursing program right out of high school.  During my studies, I was able to continue to volunteer my time as a patient ambassador for Shriners Hospitals for Children-Cincinnati speaking about my story, and burn prevention.  I was also able to serve the burn community as a Phoenix SOAR-trained peer supporter and burn camp counselor.” Read more of Sara's stroy on our Blog...


Chelsea Crawford

2013 Phoenix Education Grant Recipient

FOCUS: Nursing

Becoming a neonatal nurse has been a lifelong dream for Chelsea. She has always felt she was meant to work with children. When she was six years old, Chelsea spilled hot tea and burned her legs. Though at times it was difficult for her to walk, her injury inspired her to work harder and become stronger.

I feel as though my injury has transformed me into a better person and taught me never to take anything for granted,” she said. “My scars remind me every day that it could have been much worse and everything happens for a reason.”  Read more of Chelsea's story from our Blog...


Dexter Durling

2013 Phoenix Education Grant Recipient

FOCUS: Associate of Arts in Pre-education

Dexter Durling believes it is "never to late to follow your dreams". 

Dexter pursued his dream of a college education only after his children completed their own degree. He applied to Mitchell Community College to add an Associate’s degree in business to his auctioneer’s license; however, students and faculty encouraged him to consider a teaching career.

Dexter was gravely injured in an electrical explosion at work shortly after he graduated from high school. His injuries were so severe that doctors had to resuscitate him three times. He has endured more than 100 surgeries over the past 30 years.  Read more of Dexter's story from our Blog...


Jason Heard

2013 Phoenix Education Grant Recipient

FOCUS:  Medicine

Jason’s pursuit of a medical career grew from his desire to help fellow burn survivors.

Since Jason’s injury, he has been heavily involved in the burn community.

“Not only has my burn injury helped guide me down a path of medicine, it has also made me a stronger person. Being burned as a child forced me to be more mature than my peers who hadn’t gone through such a traumatic experience,” Jason said. “This maturity taught me to be more tolerant and accepting of those that are different and face other unique challenges.”  Read more of Jason's story from our Blog


Ryan Douglas

2002 Phoenix Education Grant Recipient

FOCUS:  Masters Business Administration

Ryan Douglas, one of the first Phoenix Education Grant (PEG) scholarship recipients, has used the scholarship as a motivating and driving force throughout his undergrad college experience and during his early employment career.  Ryan continues to use that same motivation today, while he continues to grow his family, with his wife and two children in Austin, Texas, and studies to earn an Executive MBA from Baylor University.  His story is an inspiration in the burn community and one that the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors is proud to be a part of.... Read more about Ryan from our Blog...