Phoenix Education Grant

The Gift of Knowledge for Burn Survivors

The Phoenix Education Grant is the first national scholarship endowment fund created for burn survivor students pursuing their education dreams.  

The grant is available for burn survivor students pursuing their post-secondary education who have applied and been accepted to a:

  • 2-year College
  • 4-year College (University)
  • Technical or Vocational School
  • Graduate Program

History of the PEG Scholarship

Barbara Kammerer Quayle, a teacher who was severely burned in an automobile accident in 1977, created the scholarship fund in honor of her mother, whose name was Peg.  Barbara's initial gift, made in 2001, laid the foundation for the PEG scholarship fund.  Her vision and dedication to providing education opportunities for burn survivor students made this program possible.  

"Having been a teacher in some capacity almost all my life, I decided there is no better way to honor my mother than by creating a scholarship fund for burn survivors. The greatest gift we can bring to young burn survivors in the new millennium is the gift of knowledge," states Quayle. That is why PEG scholarships are awarded to burn survivors who are attending college or a technical school.

Generous Gifts Support Phoenix Education Grant

The Phoenix Education Grant is supported by the generous donations of individuals and corporations who share the Phoenix Society’s mission to empower burn survivors and help them return to a full life. 

In 2013 the Phoenix Society partnered with AlloSource, one of the nation’s largest non-profit providers of skin, bone and soft tissue allografts.  AlloSource pledged to donate $25,000 annually over 10 years to help support the Phoenix Education Grant. 

“The decision to partner with the Phoenix Society by providing educational scholarship funding for burn survivors was an easy one,” said Thomas Cycyota, President and CEO of AlloSource.  “What the Phoenix Society does, perfectly aligns with our mission, and honoring the gift of donation means not only providing donor skin grafts to start the healing process, but also providing additional support to recipients as they return to the highest quality of life.”

PEG Scholarship Application Process

Apply for PEG here!

The Phoenix Education Grant is awarded annually and requires the submission of a PEG Scholarship Application.  A PEG committee reviews applications and will grant scholarships for the upcoming academic year. Students who receive the scholarship are encouraged to help other burn-injured students by contributing to the PEG scholarship fund when they are established and able to do so.

Deadline: June 14, 2019


Where Are They Now?

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