Burn Injury Guide

Resources to Assist Those Newly Impacted by Burn Injury

A severe burn injury can be one of the most painful injuries that a human body can suffer, both physically and emotionally. For many families, the difficulty in finding access to support services and information on 'what to expect' can add to their burden as they work to heal the physical and emotional scars.

This section of the website will provide links to basic burn injury information including types of physical and emotional recovery that may be experienced.

 Resources to Assist You


Types of Burn Injuries

The National Library of Medicine offers an overview of basic burn information including types of burn and medical care.


Burn Center Referral Criteria

When should a burn injury be referred to a burn center?  Burn Centers are specialized centers within a hospital that have a dedicated team and area within the hospital to care for those with burn injuries.  Criteria has been established for the types of burn injuries that are recommended to be treated in a Burn Center.  This is called the Burn Center Referral Criteria.  Read the criteria ...


Managing Pain after Burn Injury - FACT SHEET

Burn pain is complex.  There are many different types of pain, and every person's pain is unique.  Survivors often experience long-term challenges with pain from burn injury.  Learn more about pain management and treatment options (MSKTC)...


Connecting to Someone Who's 'Been There'...

Peer support offered by someone who has 'been there' is often the single most transformative step to emotional recovery from traumatic burn injury.  Burn survivors and family members of survivors volunteer as trained Phoenix SOAR Peer Supporters to assist you and your family through recovery.  Learn more...


Psychological Distress - FACT SHEET

While the physcial healing of a burn injury can be challenging, the emotional distress can be overwhelming.  Most burn-injury survivors experience trauma from burn injury.  Find facts, information and resources to support the emotional healing of burn injury. Learn more (MSKTC) ...


Wound Care and Scar Management - FACT SHEET

Scarring associated with healing from burn injury is one of the most challenging parts of burn recovery, both emotionally and physically.  Learn more about wound care and scar management. (MSKTC)


Glossary of Medical Terms Used for Burn Care

This glossary of medical terms  commonly used for burn care is a helpful guide for any adult to use.


How Kids Hear Hospital Words

In a hospital setting, adults use words every day that are familiar to them. A burn-injured child or a child with a burn-injured family member may use their imagination to understand what those words mean. This useful guide offers simple terms to explain unfamiliar words.  Read more...


Preparing Children to Visit the Burn Unit

When a family member is injured, parents often ask whether it is appropriate to have children visit the patient in the burn unit.  Learn more about preparing children for a visit to the burn center...


Body Image - FACT SHEET

Major burn injuries can change how the body looks and functions, which can lead to distress concerning body image. Learn more about phases of healing and available support... (MSKTC)


Beyond Surviving: Tools for Thriving

For survivors with physical differences and disabilities, facing the world after burn injury often evokes great anxiety and discomfort.  Learn life strategies to be comfortable and competent in any social, work, or school situation.  Learn more  - OR - click the link to register for the Phoenix Online Learning course:  Beyond Surviving Tools for Thriving


Social Interaction - FACT SHEET

If survivors are to thrive in the world, community integration plans must begin as early as possible in the recovery process. Learn strategies for returning back to your social setting with confidence. (MSKTC)  Learn more...