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Nothing heals people like other people. The Phoenix Society is a community of burn survivors, their loved ones, firefighters, and health professionals. Our promise is simple yet powerful: you are not alone. You can get back to living after a burn injury. We can help, with caring people to share the journey and resources to make burn recovery easier.

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Each year, more than 94,000 people rely on the Phoenix Society as a leader in burn recovery support and a community of caring people.

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We offer information about burn care, connection among survivors, and programs for lifelong recovery. Many community members guide fellow survivors through online forums, one-on-one support, and more. Wherever you are in your journey, we are ready to help.


Get Started: Burn Injury Guide

What can I expect after a burn injury? It is one of the most common questions as survivors and their loved ones begin the journey of burn care. The physical pain of a burn is severe, but the worry, fear, and emotional pain it causes can be just as difficult. Our burn injury guide will help you with links, fact sheets, and other resources on types of burn injuries, pain management, emotional recovery, and more.

Get Connected: Burn Survivor Stories, Peer Support & More

Peer support is the heart of our community. Our stories of survival can become gifts that we share with others as they begin their recovery from a burn injury. By joining our online community, you can read the stories of fellow survivors and share your own. You can also participate in our weekly Peer Support Chat or discuss burn recovery issues and questions in our online forum.

In addition to online resources, the Phoenix Society has developed a series of signature programs and events to support burn survivors. These include Phoenix SOAR®, which brings together burn injury survivors with vital peer supporters to help speed and strengthen recovery while in the hospital.

Support a Loved One: Resources for Friends and Family

Burn injuries affect the individual survivor as well as the people who are part of their lives. If you are caring for a loved one who is healing from a burn injury, we can help. View resources designed especially for family and friends.

Need more assistance?

If you would like more help to get started or guidance about which programs might be a fit for you, please contact us or ask a question in our forum. Our community is ready to help!

Firefighters and Medical Professionals: Looking for a knowledgeable partner?

Since 1977, the Phoenix Society has partnered with survivors, families, health care professionals, burn centers, and the fire industry. Working together, we support recovery, improve the quality of burn care, and prevent burn injury. If you are a first responder or medical professional, learn more about how we can support your work.