Phoenix SOAR Volunteer Opportunities

Peer Support Training for Burn Survivors and Families Looking to Give Back

Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) is a program designed by the Phoenix Society and a national committee of experts to provide training for burn survivors or their family members who want to volunteer to help others whose lives have been touched by a burn injury.

The hospital-based program is intended to make it easier for burn centers to work with volunteers in providing peer support to patients. Peer supporters assist individuals in adapting to a burn injury through sharing similar experiences.

Getting Started

The Phoenix SOAR program includes an application and screening process to be sure volunteers are able to provide appropriate support. Training includes:Phoenix SOAR Peer Supporter talks with survivor

  • How to work in a hospital setting
  • Preparing yourself to support another
  • Communcation skills for peer supporters
  • The role of the peer supporter including boundaries, do's and don'ts, communication skills, and the stages of psychosocial recovery for patients and families
  • Skills taught through lecture, discussion, case studies, and role-playing

Interested in becoming a Phoenix SOAR peer supporter?  Call Phoenix Society at 1-800-888-2876 or contact Natasha Weesies.


"Volunteering as a Phoenix SOAR peer supporter is a way to extend a helping hand while survivors and families are dealing with a horrific experience - to let them know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that there are caring people available to help them along their journey of recovery."

—Rob Kokko, survivor, firefighter, Phoenix SOAR peer supporter