Get Involved in Research

Make a Difference In the Quality of Life for Burn Survivors

Why Get Involved in Research?

Phoenix Society member involvement is crucial to research work. We may not be researchers, but we live with a burn injury every day.

Our experience and knowledge of living with a burn injury is vital to understanding solutions that will improve the quality of life for burn survivors.  We hold the keys to what will help us live the fullest life possible.

By bringing together the researchers, care providers, and burn survivors we have the opportunity to not only understand the challenges in burn recovery but address them with interventions/programs that will promote the best outcomes for people with burn injuries.

What Research Projects Are Underway?

We are currently working with our partners on several research projects that will benefit from your involvement. We ask that if you receive an invitation to take part, you consider the value of your voice, feel the empowerment, and understand the impact you may have on the future of burn care if you choose to participate.

  • LIBRE (Life Impact Burn Recovery Evaluation)
    • Partner:  Boston University School of Public Health/Massachusetts General Hospital/Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital/Phoenix Society
    • Goal: To develop a consumer-based tool that assesses community re-integration following a burn injury. With the new instrument, our goal is for clinicians and consumers to be able to track the functional recovery of burn survivors in terms of their social integration in the community, their short- and long-term status, and to apply the measurement tool to new rehabilitation interventions in future research studies.

Learn more about LIBRE


  • "Take Charge of Burn Pain" - Pain Management Study
    • Partner:  Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Burn Center
    • Goal: To develop and test a new online program to help burn survivors manage their pain. Take Charge of Burn Pain is a computer-based, online program that gives information and tips on how to manage pain following a burn injury.

Join the "Take Charge" Study

Learn More about the "Take Charge" Study


  • Evaluation of the UBelong Program for Children Impacted by a Burn Injury
    • Partner:  University of Kentucky College of Social Work
    • Goals: To evaluate the success of the UBelong program from the perspective of the children and teen participants in impacting areas such as self-perception, self-esteem, social comfort, and feelings of fitting in with others. To gather information from the participants about what works well in the program and how the program could be improved or finely tuned to best achieve its outcomes.
  • Evaluation of a Web-based Social Skills Training (SST) Program for Survivors of Burn Injury
    • Partner:  Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, UT Southwestern Medical Center
    • Goals: To examine benefits of a Social Skills Training program in reducing social anxiety and improving community participation.To assist burn survivors who experience difficulty in psychological and social adjustment.

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