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Sleeves to cover burn


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Hello. I found this group online and wanted to get to know some of you. I also am looking for a way to cover my burn.

When I was six, I had encephalitis, and that caused grand mal seizures. Over the past few years I’ve been able to control the grand mal, but, not the partial seizures. Those only started showing up a few years ago. I’m on medication now that has stopped both, but, I have this burn on my left arm.

Two years ago I had a partial seizure while taking a shower. I knew it was coming because of the feelings I’ve had over the years. When I went to turn the water off, I turned it all the way to the hot instead. This led to one, two, and third degree burns on my body. There were burns on my back, and then all the way up to my left arm. Under my arm left a third degree burn that is very thick. Being very self-conscious, I do not go outside without wearing a half sleeve or long sleeve top. The doctor at the burn clinic wanted to make me laugh and say that I look like I have a lobster on my arm, but, looking at it, it does look that way.

I use the sleeves that just cover the arm itself, but, it rolls down so quickly. which, shows the burn.

Maybe I’m being too conceded about myself, but, I want to go outside and wear a regular tee-shirt with a cover on it. I was trying to create a way that I could make a sleeve that would go over my shoulder and down to the end of my elbow - that’s where I wasn’t burned - but, I cannot seem to find one or even come up with a pattern to make one for myself.

Does anyone know of anything like that, or, possibly a pattern that I could make? It would be so helpful to me and anyone else that has a similar problem would be able to use it as well.

Thank you so much for listening.

Take care


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Thank you so much for posting your story and questions. It certainly is a very personal journey regarding when and how we expose our scars. For so many burn survivors, including myself, when I was younger, we have to find the right time and place to practice showing our scars. I see this as a two pronged issue, my personal relationship and feelings about my scars and how I perceive others think about and relate to my scars. Often I see kids come to burn camp completely covered head to toe and leave in shorts and tank tops, I also see this happen in adults at adult burn retreats and the Phoenix World Burn Congress. The power of seeing others expose their scars and having peer support to venture in this direction is ta powerful remedy in these burn related activities. I also have burn survivor friends that choose to not wear sleeveless dresses or shorts; I respect everyone’s personal journey with this. As for clothing to cover your arm, you may check back with the burn center where you were treated to explore pressure or burn garments, you can also check on line sun protective clothing companies, they may have some thing you can try or model after. Another area you can explore is the advance in laser scar resurfacing. If you are not connected with a burn support group or burn foundation, I highly recommend you finding one closest to you, you are not alone in these feelings!. There are also online peer chats where you can ask questions and share your concerns. I have included a link to the peer chat and links to some great articles related to burns, scars and body image. The Phoenix Society is also happy to help you connect with a Peer supporter or burn group near you.

Sending you healing on your journey and finding the ways you can engage fully in your life!








James - Phoenix Society


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Thanks James in your reply. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Your response was a reality for me. There are so many others out there that have worse experiences than me. It’s a reality knowing that someone has faith in their self and not giving up on a change in their lifestyle.

I have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday for a surgical consult and hoping that he will be able to help me. The idea of removing even part of the scar would change my life dramatically. I still feel self-conscious about my feelings about how I look, however, it makes me realize that there are others out there that have the same feelings as I do, and, have come to realize that they will need to deal with their scars.

Everyone who has a scar related to any burn issue, you do need to have the confidence if yourself to deal with it. I’m happy to know that the people who have gained the confidence in their selves to lead their own life as they did before gives me the go ahead to show my scars. That may make others feel better about themselves and realize they are no alone.

Again, thank you!