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Potty training with Compression Pants


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Last December my 15 month old baby girl stepped into a smoldering firepit and incurred 3rd degree burns to both feet (her right worse then her left). Long story short sh had surgery and grafts…the whole 9 yards and is needing to wear compression pants to minimize the scarrring of her Donor site on her upper thigh…(wears compression socks for her feet)

My trouble is that she is now 18 almost 19 months old and will need to start potty training soon….any and all tips and or advice is what i am looking for on how best to do this with the compression pants….they are not the easiest thing to take off and on at a moments notice, thank you!


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I am so sorry to hear of what you are going through and sending love and strength with every word I write here. I’m responding because my boy (who is now 7) suffered a scald burn at 27 months old. In full irony, that was 5 years ago (yesterday). He ended up with grafts on his chest and arms. Like yesterday, I remember cutting holes in the back of diapers as his tush was the donor site and he was not yet potty trained. Needless to say, it was a hard and messy time.

William’s compression garment was on his torso (we just let his butt heal without compression) so I can not give you advice specific to potty training. I would say one suggestion is to research different places who create compression garments and don’t stop fighting until you find the right one and fit. I am not a specialist, but since it is just on her thigh, maybe there is one that can be made that covers just the donor site? Only you and the doctors will know what is best, but don’t be afraid to ask questions and be persistent. You are now a mom/advocate. Listen to your instinct - that will tell you what is best for her care.

But from one mother of a burn survivor to another, I will say don’t rush to potty train right away if it creates more stress. You are still in the recovery phase and since I can now look back from a place of recovery, I hold an endless amount of compassion for my old self who was in a place you are living now. THIS IS NOT EASY - so I give you permission to throw all the “milestone” rules out the window. She will potty train when the time is right and when she does is not a reflection of your worth as a mom (nor is the accident). William eventually started sleeping in his own bed and eventually potty trained. Due to the trauma these things took longer than usual so be patient and take it easy on yourself.

Right now your girl needs love, and you need self-compassion. I can tell you are a fabulous mom simply by the care and concern you have to seek help here. Recovery is not an easy journey, but you are not alone, and you both can thrive in the aftermath of adversity. Me and my boy are proof of that and our strength came from love and endless snuggles…