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Im new to this site and I’m so thankful to have found it!
Two months ago my 18 month old suffered from 2 and 3rd degree burns to the bottoms of his feet. His right foot being more severe and needing a graft. To date his donor site and left foot are doing amazing, however, i have many concerns about his foot with the graft. The skin on his last two toes is beginning to grow into the graft skin, which ends just below where his toes join his foot. One has even connected to the graft at an angle and is now pulling his toe down at an angle. Ive been instructed to continue massaging and give it time but i feel that it needs addressed asap before he has another growth spurt.
Another concern is he seems to be in pain most of the time. I’ve told his doctors but they insist it is not pain but just sesitivity to the new skin. Some days are better than others but on his bad days he limps and cries while holding it..Even in his sleep.
Also, when i massage his foot i can feel small popping? Possible his joints?

I am having a hard time finding after care resources with detail and would really appreciate any help!!!!

Please share ANY info on scar management, tips, tricks, etc!!!

Desperate mom of sweet baby boy!


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I want to add: In general his foot is beginning to heal with an upwards curve and everyday his toes seem to tuck under a little more.

Please, share any info you have! My son isnt old enough to communicate so please be his voice!



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Hi Kate,

My son was 27 months old when he suffered a scald burn on 15% of his body (face, neck, arms and chest). We spent a month in and out of a Burn Unit where he went through two surgeries (first, debridement and Oasis and then a partial and full thickness skin graft on his chest and arms).

While I am not a doctor and cannot speak to your specific situation, what I can tell you is that the greatest lesson I learned throughout our ordeal is that a mother’s instinct is powerful. You must listen to it. If you feel you aren’t getting the care you need, or his foot is not healing properly, then get a second opinion. Fight for your concerns to be heard (we had an incident where there doctors told me his Foley was done correctly when in fact it was done so improperly it caused a UTI more painful than the burn injury. I still kick myself for not fighting harder to get him the treatment I knew he needed).

Listen respectfully to what every doctor has to say, but ask hard questions, be firm and advocate for your son. You aren’t a doctor, but you know your boy better than anyone else. Don’t let this injury diminish your confidence as a mother.

Regarding scar maintenance specifically, we did lotion massages (easier said than done on a toddler) and my son wore a compression garment for a year. I found I was constantly torn between managing his scars (minimizing them as much as I could) and allowing him to just be a kid.

A year following the injury, we did a scar revision surgery to minimize the surface area of the scars and prevent contracture (which is what sounds to me like what is happening to your son’s foot). Again, I am not a doctor, but I would seek opinions from different medical experts about what can be done to ensure he has full mobility.

What your son needs the most right now is play and laughter. He needs to feel as ordinary as possible and stay distracted from his injury. It’s amazing how resilient children are if we allow them the opportunity to be…..

In those moments where you feel helpless to fix him, or make his pain go away, move toward him with love. My boy is now 6 years old and while he has scars from the incident, he is thriving. He doesn’t remember much from those days in the hospital though I remember it all vividly. That painful time has become a part of our story, but it is also beautiful:

For mother’s day he gave me a book with drawings about why I am special:

“Mom snuggles me a lot.”

In the burn unit, I held him and snuggled him and told him over and over again how much I loved him.

Sometimes love is all we have, and sometimes love is what makes us enough.

Stay connected to the Phoenix Society—it is so helpful to know you are not alone.

And don’t forget to take care of YOUin all of this - so you are strong enough to move toward your boy with the love he needs right now.

With love and strength,

Alicia Assad


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I’m so glad you found us at Phoenix Society!  As Alicia said, you are not alone in this and finding connections with other mothers that have gone through similar experiences can help you and your family throughout your healing journey.  I wanted to invite you to join us in our Parent Chat group as well: http://www.phoenix-society.org/parent-chat .  Parent chat is held every Monday from 9-10:30pmEST, and we have several other moms that join us pretty regularly.  I hope we will see you there!



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Hi Kate,

I know it has been a while but am wondering if you found any resources and what course of treatment did you follow for your child. I am currently the mother of an infant who recently had her graft surgery on foot for burns and have similar issues with toes.