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After Chat 11/11/15: Support Groups


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Continuing the conversation after Peer Support Chat 11/11/15 (Chat happens every Wednesday evening at 9pm EST):

The environment at Phoenix World Burn Congress provides a wonderful space for healing and feeling supported (for survivors, family members, friends, and support professionals). Many seek this support after they go home, in the form of weekly online Peer Support Chat and also through local support groups.

Is there a support group in your area? (Many are run by local Burn Centers). Share your stories and viewpoints about what it’s been like to have a local support group (or why you hope to have one start up in your area!) here by responding to this post!

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Peer support chat is a great way to meet others who have been impacted by burn injuries!
Each week Phoenix Society hosts a moderated online Peer Support Chat every Wednesday from 9:00PM - 10:30 PM EST.
Find out more! http://www.phoenix-society.org/chat


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Hi, I live in Cape Town, South Africa.  I’m a burn survivor for the past 2 years.  Been looking for a support group in my area, but with no success. I regularly visit the closest Burn Unit to support other burn survivors and in that way I really do a lot of healing myself.  Being a 3rd world country, all medical help and support are few and far between.  I would love to do the online chats with you, but the time difference makes it almost impossible.  I’ve learned a great deal from just reading info on your website, but would love to have more contact with other burn survivors.. any suggestions?  I’m a 48 year old, white female. Single mom with an 11 year old son - have a full time job as a personal assistant - LIFE is great!!! I’m definitely saving to attend the conference next year, only read about it recently and will not be able to save enough money in time for this year.  Do you know the hosting city for next year?? 

Cari van Staden





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Hi Catri,
Thank you so much for your post! It is wonderful that you have been able to provide support to other survivors at your local burn center.  I am not aware of any burn support groups in South Africa, but the support may have the possibility to turn into one! I have sent you a personal message to connect more about available supports to you even if from afar!



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