Taking Care of Yourself at Phoenix World Burn Congress

Imagine this: a young solo traveler from Canada with little to no instruction of what to expect. Man oh man, it was quite the adventure. As I reflect on my time discovering each intricate layer of Phoenix World Burn Congress, I am grateful for the people who so willingly became my friends and surrounded me with love.

#BurnsAreBeautiful: How I Found Self Love

Burn survivor and blogger Indira Husic adds her voice to the "Burns Are Beautiful" campaign. She built a positive relationship with herself through adventure, forgiveness, and self-care.

Healthy Living, Healthy Healing: 3 Ways Exercise Helped Me Heal

Michelle Valladares shares how she committed to a healthy lifestyle after her burn injury, a commitment that has given her a lot in return.

Looking Out the Window

After his burn injury, Evan Duran faced his fears and achieved his goal of becoming a professional photographer.

8 Tips to Bounce Back From a Traumatic Emotional Experience

How do you bounce back after a traumatic experience? How does a burn victim become a survivor? Resiliency is about adapting and growing in response to stressful experiences. It’s about using tools and finding ways to build a new and stronger self. Read the 8 practices to help build personal resilience...

Reducing Your Stress Over the Holidays

There is a holiday song that says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. Yet, while this may be true for some people, for others, including family and those recovering from a burn injury, the additional pressures of the holiday season can make this time of the year anything but wonder-full. Here are just a few simple de-stressing strategies that could help you and your family find the spirit of celebration and fill it full of the wonder that we hope for each holiday season...

Session to Understand Addiction and Recovery Offered at Phoenix WBC

Oct 23, 2015

James Bosch and Megan Bronson hosted an insightful session at Phoenix WBC with the discussion topic: "Addiction and Recovery: Understanding the role of Same in Perpetuating the Addictive Process". This session at Phoenix World Burn Congress offered the opportunity for attendees and professionals to discuss, ask questions, and gain understanding of the role of addiction and substance abuse as a survival response to a life-threatening situation such as burn trauma. Read more about the session on our blog - or find information from our online Resources Library.

Breakout Session on the Subject of Sexuality and Intimacy Offered at Phoenix WBC Session

"Will my relationships with others be different?" "Will my significant other still want to be with me?" - OR - "Will anyone be attracted to me with the way I now look?" Read more about the Phoenix World Burn Congress breakout session on "Getting in Touch with Sexuality and Intimacy After a Burn Injury" and find more information on the topic from our Resources Library....

Music Therapy at Phoenix UBelong

Music Therapy: “Friday at UBelong we were joined by a drummer who taught us how to use drumming to express individuality and come together as a group”… Music Therapy involves children in singing, listening, playing and creative activities. We wanted to include this activity at Phoenix World Burn Congress because its goals support the Phoenix UBelong program by finding ways to express ourselves, build confidence, and heal. By Rebecca Parmenter MS, CCLS and Christen Bradbury MS, CCLS, Phoenix UBelong volunteers

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